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gaga Posted - 18 July 2003 2:25
If i have bought new tops before the beginning of the 3 weeks and have tried them on in the shop but have not yet otherwise worn them, can i wear them in the 3 weeks or do i need to wait?
MODERATOR Posted - 18 July 2003 2:34
Permitted to buy them and wear them, until the 9 days. The only thing you cant do is make a shehecheyanu (on a new fruit or clothing), but since there are those who permit making a shehecheyanu on Shabbos, if you do purchse somethgin that would demand a shehecheyanu (your tops dont!), you could wait until shabbos.
MUSSAR Posted - 15 July 2007 22:21
R'Moderator I have a question.. not to c"v go against what you said, but I was wondering if this is correct:

"Maran did write in Shulchan Aruch that buying new clothes, wearing new clothes, and saying Shehechiyanu is prohibited during the three weeks from Shivaa Asar BeTamuz through Tishaa BeAv..."

source: DAILY HALACHA (R'Eli Mansour)

So is it permitted to purchase clothing and wear new clothing or not? Sorry I'm just a bit confused. Thank you!

MODERATOR Posted - 15 July 2007 22:29
youre allowed to wear new clothes on the 3 weeks (beofre 9 days of course). i think this rabbi meant to say that a shehechayanu is assur during the 3 weeks, and some clothing (not most) gets a shehechayanu when you wear it ofr the first time. but its the shehecheyanu thats the problem, not the clothing - so if oyu buy clothing that doesnt need a shehecheyanu, youre ok, or if you do something that needs a shehecheyanu (like eating a new fruit) even without the clothing its a problem.
IheartTorah Posted - 25 July 2007 22:40
So, if I bought something before the 9 Days but haven't worn it (besides trying it on in the store), I would not be able to wear it during the 9 Days?
MODERATOR Posted - 25 July 2007 22:42
emoticon Posted - 29 June 2009 20:33
Just wondering, and I don't mean at all to sound disrespectful-
But who are the poskim that permit making a shehechiyanu on Shabbos during the three weeks? Because I was told that it is absolutely and strictly forbidden, so I'd just want to hear the names of the poskim that do permit it.
Thanks- and sorry! I don't mean to argue, it's just for clarification's sake!
MODERATOR Posted - 29 June 2009 22:11
See the Mishnah Brurah on O"C 551:17 and Shaarei Tzion there.

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