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LovinLife Posted - 21 September 2008 20:40
Am I allowed to wet my hair a little bit on shabbos so it wont be so frizzy? I wont be squeezing it out/or drying it and I dont soak it either. Just a little water. Is that okay???
LovinLife Posted - 22 September 2008 3:39
MODERATOR Posted - 22 September 2008 3:40
LovinLife Posted - 19 November 2008 21:32
Moderator...can you please explain the reason for this prohibition...I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!
leavingandlooking Posted - 23 November 2008 21:55
I dont know, but i would think its becuase you might accidentally squeeze or dry it.

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get high Posted - 23 November 2008 21:55
josh1 Posted - 01 March 2009 21:17
I thought washing with cold water is ok? Mod can you please explain?
leavingandlooking Posted - 08 May 2009 2:30
that's only parts of yourself which aren't covered thickly with hair (according to Shemiras Shabbos)
josh1 Posted - 08 May 2009 4:57
Mod can u please explain?
myname Posted - 18 May 2009 22:15
you cant wash your hair neither with cold or hot water
I heard is because when you touch the hair to wash it, (i dont know how to say it in English in spanish is escurrir)
is like when there is a wet cloth and you hold it thitly and the water falls.
Hope that u understood wht i meant to say,..
josh1 Posted - 19 May 2009 13:02
Thanks myname. You mean squeezing it? But why can I take one on yom tov? Shouldnt there be the same issue?
leavingandlooking Posted - 22 July 2009 19:33
I don't know, I learnt you can't then either.
josh1 Posted - 12 August 2009 18:07
Can anyone answer this? I dont want to be doing the wrong thing.
josh1 Posted - 16 September 2009 15:22
How do people go to the mikva on shabbos? Mod please answer my previous question. I dont want to be mechalel shabbos.

taon Posted - 22 September 2009 13:57
It looks like you were answered. What exactly is your question?

May the Geulah have come before this post goes up.

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taon Posted - 22 September 2009 13:57
There are times where, due to necessity, someone can bathe wioth certain restricitons. It is likely a case to case thing.

WIth a mikvah, people who have to or usually do can, with ceretaion restrictions.

May the Geulah have come before this post goes up.

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