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new@frumteens Posted - 15 September 2008 0:31
hey everyone... i found this from last years posts and i think its rlly good so im posting it again 4 this yr. it was posted by leftys rule.thanx a lot. i hope u dont mind... :)
leftys rule Posted - 08 September 2007 21:42
Hi everyone! Someone handed out this sheet and it got me thinking... so I wanted to share it with all of you! Hope you find it useful.

A. Morning

1. Did I awaken on time?
2 Did I say Modeh Ani?
3. DId I get dressed
a. in tznius
b. with proper attire

B. Tefila

1. Did I procrastinate davening?
2. did I consider the presence of hashem?
3. Did I daven with kavana and concentate on the meaning of the words?
4. Did I give tzedukah?
5. Did I kiss the Mezuzah?

C. Mealtime

1. Did I make before and after brachos?
2. Did I make my brachos with kavana nad concentrate on the meaning of the words?
3. Did I wash and bentch properly?
4. Did I eat with proper manners?

D. Parents

1. Did I spend some quality time with my spouse?
2.DId I greet my children pleasantly and provide ea. w/ at least some ind. attn?
3. Did I get angry or scream at my children or spouse unnecessarily?
4. Did I make sure the children fulfilled their obligations:
a. Brachos b4 and after eating
b. homework and reviewing
c. Krias Sh'ma Al Hamita
5. Did I encourage my family memebers to do chesed and to be ind to one another?

E. Children

1. DId I act w/ honor and appreciation toward my parents?
2. Did I argue with my parents?
3. Did I listen right away to what my parents told me to do?
4. DId I fight w/ my brothers and sisters?
5. DId I act respectfully towards my teachers?
6.Did I push off doing my homework?
7. Did I attend to my personal belongings? (i.e. make my bed?)

F. Bein adam l'chaveiro (b/w man and his fellow man)
1. Did I embarrass or insult another?
2. DId I speak lashon hara?
3. Did I speak dishonestly w/ another?
4. Was I envious of another's possessions?
6. DId I go out of my way to do @ least one chesed for someone?
7. Did I greet others pleasantly?
8. DId I say please and thank u?
9. DId I pay back or return any borrowed items to another?

G. Bein adam L' atzmo (b/w man and himself)
1. DId I waste time?
2. DId I have improper or unclean thoughts?
3. Did I say improper or unclean words?
4. Did I act in a loud, unrefined manner?
5. DId I do things I would not have wanted anyone to see?

additional comments:



Today was a ___________ day.

jewishgurll Posted - 21 September 2008 21:36
like for example- by davening- its a nisayon for me to even daven in the first place...

~a jewishgirl~

jewishgurll Posted - 22 September 2008 0:19
that list is actully very good and all... but how cud i even work on those small things if i have much bigger things to work on? its like, the problems on the list arent the ones that im dealing with- its other type of stuff-i cant do so much?!?!?

~a jewishgirl~

jewishgurll Posted - 22 September 2008 0:19
i posted sumthing b4 that but it apparently didnt get posted.. so heres it again
that list is very nice and all that but how cud i work on all those small things if i have bigger things to work on? and like i mean its hard to daven in the first place so how cud i work on the stuff that it says abt davening on time and with kavana and all that? and theres more stuff then just the davening one its just a example.

~a jewishgirl~

taon Posted - 22 September 2008 17:57
pick one from each section to work extra on. for the others, see how you rate each day, why you got that rating, and how to improve it.


questions? go here:

goingcrazymestup Posted - 24 September 2008 16:23
i rlly wana improve, but i cant or maybe dont wana cuz im rlly rlly rlly confused... so idk what to do. becuz i think i wana improve, and i want agood jugement and all that, but i just CANT improve. or maybe deep in side i dont wanna? IM SO CONFUSED THESE DAYS! does anyone know hoew i feel? and anyone cud help me??????!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!1

need help!!!!!!!

jewishgurll Posted - 28 September 2008 16:55
thanx taon
goingcrazy i know how u feel
sorry i cant give u advice im a litle (or a lot) mixed up myslef these days!!!:( like
wat am i sup to do if i know things are wrong but i dont wana stop? i wana but i also dont wana??? rosh hashanas on monday and i dnt think im any beter!!!!!!!

~a jewishgirl~

Capri-Sun Posted - 02 October 2008 14:25
i know exactly what you mean! but improving on yourself isn't just stopping to do things, it could be just limiting things, or even taking on new things. for example, there's something that i wanna give up, but i dont, but i reeeally do, but i reeeally dont. so i chose one day of the week that i won't do it on! - that's not stopping, but its still an improvement! and if that doesn't work, choose something extra to take on. we automaticly think that improving is just with mitzvos lo-sa'aseh, but its with mitzvos aseh too! just a thought.
new@frumteens Posted - 02 October 2008 14:25
rosh hasanas tonight!!!!!idk if this is gona be posted before rosh hashana but wishin u all luck with becoming better and a kesiva vechasima tova
goingcrazymestup Posted - 02 October 2008 14:25
hav a good new year
leavingandlooking Posted - 02 October 2008 14:25
compare both. which is bette rin the end? what is you, and what is your yetzer hara? what is holding you back from changing, and how can you fix it or get rid of it?

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