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who me?! Posted - 14 July 2003 19:47
hi guys,
im interested in becoming an ultra sound sonograms.....
have any info im desperate....
Admonit Posted - 16 July 2003 18:08
Sorry just tryin to get u back. what can i do, im interested in nutrition so i may as well make something out of it, no? also you make ur own hours so thats good if i want to be a mommy and teach. (career counselor u still didnt tell me stuff abt it :-()

but who me, what do u still want to know abt being an ultrasound tech- i mean uve wanted to do it for ten years, so what dont u know abt it????

Basi Posted - 06 December 2004 19:08
My father is a radiologist and he works with techs constantly. What do you want to know?

LIP Posted - 20 December 2004 3:19
I am also interested in a career in sonography. I want to know what the job outlook and wages are, what the job usually includes, and if these technicians are respected individuals is the medical field. Lastly, I want to know if there is any room for promotions in this field. Does a/o know s/o that is a sonographer??? Please fill me in as much as u can!!!!

Thanks! I know I can count on you!


MODERATOR Posted - 20 December 2004 3:23
Ultrasound technicians are indeed respected in the medical field. They make usually $42000ish at entry level, and the highest of the high is about $70G.

How much oyu make depends upon what type of ultrasound xpertise you have.

1) The best is if you know both cardio and general sonography.

2) Next best is just cardio, or equally as good is if you are excellent at ob-gym sonograms. And by that I mean you can do "high risk" patients.

3) The next level is just general untrasound.

The best places to learn are, in the following order:

1) Downstate
2) NYU
3) UDS
4) Institute of Allied Medical Professions

LIP Posted - 20 December 2004 23:18

Thank you for your response. It was really helpful. What u're doing on this site is amazing!!!!! P.S.- Does a/o know ppl that have started out as Sonography Tech's and ended up with Administrative duties- such as heading a sonography dept? If not, does a/o know if that would at all be possible?
Please let me know!


MODERATOR Posted - 20 December 2004 23:18
Yes, that is possible. It does happen.
depressedAngel Posted - 24 October 2006 21:21
hey i dont know if anyone really cares about this anymore but my sis is finnishing up skool to become an ulra sound tech and shes is a program at bergen community college in nj.
wanttoknow Posted - 17 June 2011 2:07
anyone have any idea whatsover how a chareidi girl living in Israel can learn to be an ultrasound technician post high school? It needs to be a chareidi place that accepts chutzim as opposed to bagruyot. I assume some kind of machon or s/thing. I'd really appreciate even the smallest crumb of information...all my research has not turned up much. But I really want to do it.
Thanks so much!

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