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chochma Posted - 19 December 2000 2:45
I was told that in hotter climates where it is normal to go aaround with your feet showing in warmer weather= that it is permissable to wear sandals without socks. Since it is normal to do this in America, according to halacha, it is possible to wear sandals without socks provided the "shok" is still covered (wearing longer skirts- till ankle)

MODERATOR Posted - 19 December 2000 3:16
The Halachah you quoted is referring to places where it is the normal dress for everyone wear sandals due to the heat. In these places, even formal dress includes sandals. It does not show that they may be worn in a place where sandals are worn only as casual, dress-down footwear.
Me Posted - 19 December 2000 23:07
Wait so in Miami does that apply??? just wondering
MODERATOR Posted - 20 December 2000 1:10
Even in Miami it is customary especially in the Jewish community to wear shoes for formal wear. In the places described in the Halachah people simply did not wear shoes.
Me Posted - 20 December 2000 9:03
If that's true then I think it might be a good idea to send this post to hang up in the shuls there b/c a lot of my friends had told me that it's "minhag hamakom" b/c it's so hot not to wear socks...
MODERATOR Posted - 20 December 2000 11:55
That's not what "minhag hamakom" means. It doesn't work that way. And if the rabbis in those shuls can't control it, I am sure that a note from an anonymous Moderator won't either.
rachel2001 Posted - 21 December 2000 0:41
so its not even a tzenius issue. its just a what-everybody-else-does issue. what if someone lives in some distant asian country where ppl are really poor so generally ppl either wear cheap sandals because of the heat or go bearfoot? i dont, but theoretically...
MODERATOR Posted - 21 December 2000 0:45
Not precisely. The guidelines of tznius for men is different than it is for women. There is no concept of "ervah" with men's bodies. Tznius is to an extent defined by what is acceptable based largely on decency and sensitivity.

Here we are talking about a Halachah that applies to davening only. For davening you need a somewhat "formal" attire since you are in the presence of a King. What is formal depends to an extent on society.

bumblebee85 Posted - 30 April 2001 3:04
i live in miami, and what u said before, asking if u r allowed to walk around with no socks, when people talk about miami, they talk about the vacation part of miami and of course they associate miami with heat. i go to bais yaakov here. myself aswell as to the majority of my school deals with the heat and wears socks. i dont think u can use heat as an excuse to not wear socks especially since there is no minhag hamakom applicable to miami. if u were to use the heat as an excuse to walk around here with no socks, u can walk around in shorts and a tank top aswell. i may be wrong, let me know.
grend123 Posted - 05 December 2001 1:14
Rav Moshe paskens that socks are a chumra, not a halacha. I can't remember the igeres offhand, but its listed in yad moshe under the heading of Ishus-Begadim-Garbayim(Socks). I'll post the # when i get a chance to look it up
MODERATOR Posted - 05 December 2001 3:01
True, and the position of most Poskim is differently.
LovLe7 Posted - 25 February 2002 21:45
I have 2 questions:
#1-Moderator: Abt. what you said, that there isn't such a thing called "eruva" w/ men, I learned differently. I learned that if a man is shirt-less, it's considered "eruva".
#2-Abt. this whole subject, are you talking abt. open toe shoes w/o socks? What abt. a long skirt and closed toe shoes w/o socks? Is that a problem? No one can tell the differance.

MODERATOR Posted - 26 February 2002 0:05
1 - No, men's bodies are not Ervah.

2 - If you cant tell the difference there is no difference in Halachah. but you have to make sure that the skirt wont ever blow in the wond, and that you will never stand of sit in a position where your feet will show.

sara73 Posted - 30 May 2002 2:10
but in a different post u said the reason we wear socks is because most poskim beleive up to the ankles is ervah. so if i'm weaRING A LONG ENOUGH SKIRT ANYWAY, WHATS THE PROBLEM?
MODERATOR Posted - 30 May 2002 3:02
If nobody can ever see your feet, regardless of what position you are in, then there is no problem.
FlippedOutFish Posted - 31 August 2007 18:01
Wait so is feet of a women considered halachic ervah in that i would be not allowed to say a bracha or a davar shebikedusha in front of?
For instance my sis's friend is wearing sandals or flip flops is that eravah!???

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