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askingq Posted - 15 December 2000 19:32
I am A "yeshivish" type Bochur and would like to know if you can give me straight out the halachos of listening to Non jewish music. This includes listening to the men and lady's singing (non jewish).
1) is there a problem of kol Isha
2) is it mutar to listen to non jewish songs since most of the songs the ladys sing are to arouse some sense of feeling in the oppisite sex.
3) a girl that has no issur of kol isha can she listen to men singing about how much they love girls... etc.
4)"IF" it is actualy mutar to listen to non jewish music by a lady that does not arouse sexual feelings in the male, would it be mutar to listen to Jewsih girls singing. The ages till when you can listen.. and if it is mutar to listen to Carlebach tapes that have his daughtor Neshama singing on it.

Please answer me. if it is possible that you can bring down The Mekoros for the halacha's that you are answering me with I would be very grateful.

(the reason why I am asking it here is because I want to know the Halacha answer and the proper hashkafa if it is Proper.) (I also am asking it here even though I think you discussed it earlier is becuase there is little parts shtrown all around.

Is it possible that you can make a disscusion group that has Only Questions from users and answer's from you for certain Halcha questions.
thank you...
(P.S. for all those who are going to say now that Yeshiva Guys listen to non jewsih music that is not true I just want to know the Halacha)

MODERATOR Posted - 22 January 2001 23:46
First, please see the discussion in Halachah / Other / Kol Isha, where much of this is discussed.

The issue of Kol Isha on a tape is a Machlokes. The issue is a statement of the Maharam Shick (EH 53) quoting a Gemora in Snahedrim 45a that says only when you can see the woman is there a prohibition of Kol Isha. The question is exactly what this means.

Some Rabbonim (Helkas Yaakov I:163, Shevet HaLevi III:EH:181) say that that only applies to a melodic speaking voice but not actula singing, thus a singing Kol Isha on the radio is prohibited.

The Chacham Ovadiah Yosef (Yabia Omer I:OH:6) says that if you know what the woman looks like through pictures etc. it's proohibited the same as live.

Rabbi Menashe Klein (Mishne Halachos V:224) points out that a radio is not a woman and it hsould be permitted regardless of the above. He says, however, that permitted or not, its definitely repulsive.

Anything that generates undesriable thoughts in a man is prohibited because of Lo Sasuru Acharie Levavchem, even if there is techincally no prohibition of Kol Isha.

her Posted - 19 June 2001 1:46
listening to a woman sing can cause undesireable thoughts in a man???
MODERATOR Posted - 23 June 2001 3:49

Undesriable thoughts, here, doesn't mean what you are thinking it means. It means that a woman's voice - particularly her singing voice - has an effect on a man. This is well known. Even on a telephone and dealing with strangers, men tend to be more polite and say "please" and "thank you" more often when talking to a female voice.

A singing voice also effects men, but more. It doesnt have to lead to actual hirhurim asurim, but the impact that it does have is what Chazal prohibited.

LovLe7 Posted - 21 February 2002 9:36
In response to what askingq said abt. Yeshiva boys not listening to non-jewish music, can you really say such a blanket statement? It sounds way too general, b/c I happen to know a few Yeshiva boys who do listen to non-jewish music.
To whoever asked if men really are attracted to women just from hearing their voice, you can bet that's true! Didn't you ever hear s/o's voice, male or female, and thought, "Wow, what a nice voice!!"?

geulagirl Posted - 10 September 2004 13:01
Moderator has given you good advice
yehudah Posted - 13 October 2009 15:39
I have to say, I really like this site and what it is acheiving. Keep this site running!
Now about this, topic I understand that one shouldn't listen to a woman or girl live singing. In this case is there an age group to where this is allowed? like under 12 or a relative?
taon Posted - 01 November 2009 17:48
Direct relatives are allowed to listen. The exception is a wife who is in niddah, where there is a machlokes and Rav Moshe says to be machmir.

When it begins is a machlokes, either 3, 6, or 11 (the last in a time of need), though I think there is an opinion that there is no age limit, but that opinion may say it also starts at three, and an opinion it starts at 12.

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