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MODERATOR Posted - 13 June 2003 2:01
By popular demand, YG has agreed to be the official frumteens shadchan. We're all familiar with her success as a shadchanteh for several happy couples (including, I may add with a note of eternal gratitude, my daughter and her husband), and iy"h through this project she will be responsible for many more.

To access her services, please fill out the form below and email it to

She will take it form there.


1. Name:
2. Gender:
3. Age/ Birthday:
4. Height/ Build:
5. Phone Number/ Email Address:
6. Fathers name:
7. Fathers Occupation:
8. Mothers name (Maiden):
9. Mothers Occupation:
10. Shul affiliated with:
11. Number of siblings (names and schools preferable):
12. If any are married, name of spouse and current location:
13. Schools attended:
14. Occupation:
15. What is your personality like:
16. What are your hobbies:
17. What are you looking for:
18. Would you live in Israel?
19. Where would you like to live ideally (is there any place you wouldn’t live:
20. Please list 2 personal references and 2 family references including phone numbers and relation to you (this could include Rabbi, neighbor, friends, teachers, employer etc.:
21. If there is anything that was not asked, such as illness or divorce in the family, if you or a parent are a baal teshuva, etc. please let me know:
22. I know this is completely crass, but if you would like to marry a learning boy, would you have some sort of financial support to offer?23.
Please be aware that I am not an official shadchan. I promise no results but I also do not charge for my services. I do not ‘require a fee upon completion of transaction’ as many shadchanim do so please feel comfortable sending me your information. I will contact you as soon as I have a chance to speak with you in person. Thanks!

taon Posted - 15 June 2003 16:08
you deserve it, mazel tov


burning Posted - 22 June 2003 20:08
why do some shadchan ask stupid questions such as "what color tablecloth do u use on shabbos" or"do u cover the table w/ a plastic table cloth?" or even"what type of shoes do u wear? (tie/buckle/slip-on)"
who me?! Posted - 22 June 2003 23:09
i heard actually more pathetic q like what type of undergarments does s/he wear. this world has gone crazy!!!!!!!!!i was talking to a girl in carpool abt this and she was so for it shes like theres such a differance and u shud know this....gosh!!
Truth Seeker Posted - 22 June 2003 23:15
June 22

I don't know maybe there's just something wrong me but I simply cannot even begin to understand how anyone can be *that* shallow and foolish to factor such trivilaties into such a profound decision.

yg Posted - 23 June 2003 16:32
Please add 2 things- hometown and if it is possible to email a picture to me, that would be great.
burning Posted - 23 June 2003 19:08
yg- do looks make that much of a diff?!i heard this story where there was this woman calling around for her son and when she heard a girl was a size 8, she said "o im sry, my son is looking for a size 0" and she just hung up. now THATS what u call shallow
xmht Posted - 24 June 2003 2:52
Well...even for someone who isn't shallow, looks do make a difference. "A man may not marry a woman until he has seen her, lest he be dissatisfied with her appearance and come to hate her" (it's a Gemora). I'm not saying that it's normal to look for a size 0 or anything like that, but (for example) if one person is very slim and s/he finds large people to be unattractive, it's best not to even try to set such a person up with someone large -- it'll just be a waste of both people's time. Many Rabbonim, in advising people in Shidduchim, have told their Talmidim not to be too "machmir" in "Sheker Ha'Chein V'Hevel HaYofi" -- if you can't deal with the person's appearance, out s/he goes.


yg Posted - 26 June 2003 0:08
burning- i am not only reading shidduchim to size 0s. and i would not read a shdduch to someone who was only looking for a size 0. but i need to know what you look like. i mean, i just read a shidduch last week and i never met the girl and after raving about her and how beautiful she was for a half hour the mother of the boy asked me- so how tall is she? she i hemmed and hawed and said, oh you know, average. then she asked what color hair she had. so i hemmed and hawed and said light brown because that was the most neutral thing i could think of at that moment. a dark brown, light brown and dark blonde could all be seen as light brown, right? but i was really unhappy to be put on the spot like that. so please dont tell me i am shallow. i will read a shidduch to someone that is thin or heavy, blonde, brunette or redhead, tall or short. but i HAVE TO KNOW!!!
MODERATOR Posted - 27 June 2003 3:16
Two additions to the YG Shadchan form:

From YG:

1) Please indicate your home town,

2) If at all possible, please email me a picture so that I can honestly rave
about how beautiful/handsome you are. Thanks!

lesakein Posted - 02 July 2003 22:42
Hey, guys, you should all be singing yg's praises. I'm more or less in the same matzav as her (not true, I have a minimum of 5 hours more per week available than her) and I am usually falling asleep by the time (or before the time) my kids are in bed.

So kol hakavod, yg, tizki l'mitzvos :)

someone613 Posted - 08 July 2003 17:26
yg that is so nice of you to be the frumteens shadchan!! i want to send u my info but im so paranoid to send so much personal information without so much as knowing ur name or if i know u ect. is that weird? anyways this shidduch dating is crazy. i have only been out with one guy so far but i feel like noones really setting me up. i havent met with so many shadchanim b/c i dont really know how to find them
yg Posted - 09 July 2003 18:40
someone- send me an email with your email address and i will send you back my info. you can check me out before you give me the personal details! :) i can also give you names of other shadchanim...
yg Posted - 07 October 2003 21:48
i would like to post an official apology. i know that there are many people who have written that i havent had a chance to call back yet. my life is kind of a windwhirl for the past few months and i am desparately trying to get a handle on it. (if you wold see the state of my apartment, you would believe me!) bli neder i will really try to work on this after the yamim tovim. a gut yohr and a good yom tov (and a piska tova) to all!
someone613 Posted - 30 December 2003 16:29
hey.. i don't mean to be a abother, but this is to yg, I'm just wondering if you're still working on this?
tamidbesimcha Posted - 02 January 2004 17:46
i bet there is more girls than boys sending emails.
just a thought! :)
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