Anything about JUDAISM
Anything about JUDAISM
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confused15 Posted - 17 June 2003 8:10
do energy pills need a koser sign?
MODERATOR Posted - 17 June 2003 8:11
embarressed Posted - 06 January 2004 14:09
i didnt post my real name cuz this is a pathetic q. do u need kosher sign for diet pills?
MODERATOR Posted - 06 January 2004 22:10
taon Posted - 04 July 2005 14:39
its not a pathetic question.why would it be, even if such questions did exist?


reddiamond Posted - 03 July 2006 21:51
wasn't the name of this thread called, ''daily halacha...''? please define- 'daily'
forgot debdie Posted - 18 February 2007 13:35
no question is stupid if you're asking because you really have a question and not just to ask - which I can't imagine someone doing on this topic because it's a waste of time!
taon Posted - 18 February 2007 16:44
I guess the Moderators are too busy to keep up with a full daily lesson.

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