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Anything about JUDAISM
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pop4lol Posted - 25 August 2008 17:47
Dear CC,
I wanted to know if you can help me figure out a path to learning physical therapy.
I am a frum girl living in Israel, I have completed the 11th grade plus a few years of seminary. I am interested in learning PT in a frum way. Do you no how I can do this in Israel, do you know if it s accepted in the frum world to go to graduate schools? Do you know what B.A. I need? Do you know how I could get the B.A I need through correspondence? Do I need to finish high school? could I do all the preparation for the masters by taking cleps? COuld I take part of the masters program through corespondance.
Please let me kow what you know or if you know anyone that I can contact
Thank you so much

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