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MOperson Posted - 04 August 2008 18:30
This is REALLY URGENT AND IMPORTANT. I really need to know by TOMORROW (if possible).
Basically, I finished my first month summer plans, and decided to learn with a few young boys in the afternoon and friends my age in the evening in a community away. To get there, id have to bike a few miles to a train station then bike from the station. the only train back would arrive at 11 PM and my parents now are forbidding me from going because they dont think it's safe. I would have NOTHING else to do in the summer. No torah opportunities nearby also, so konwing myself, since no one is pushing me to learn at home, I would barely learn. The only way to get anywhere where i would learn would make me get home at 11. there are no alternatives. my parents are unrelenting. what should i do?
twenty_two Posted - 05 August 2008 1:15
I don't know what halacha is, but i just wanted to point out that the fact that you wouldn't learn unless you did this program does NOT mean that your parents are instructing you not to learn. Technically, your parents are not stopping you from learning at all (in fact you could actually learn more at home because you wouldnt lose the time for transportation). It is your obligation to learn no matter where you are, and your parents are not preventing this.

Obviously, this doesn't mean that you necessarily will learn as much at home, as you said yourself that you probably wont. I just wanted to point out that its very likely that this does not fall under the category of "your parents telling you to do something against the torah" (in which case you could disobey them).

explorer18 Posted - 05 August 2008 1:15
maybe you could stay over for the night at someones in the community your going to or maybe your parents could meet u at the train station at home
MOperson Posted - 06 August 2008 21:11
ya i worked something out that i travel 4 hours a day basically and have to walk many miles around. annoying but it works.

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