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Anything about JUDAISM
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LL3 Posted - 04 August 2008 18:30
whats the deal with pas yisrael? is it halacha? chumra? and what is it exactly???
MODERATOR Posted - 05 August 2008 1:25
Pas Yisroel is bread baked, at least in part, by a Jew. It is a chumrah, but during the Aseres Ymay Teshuvah you should keep it.
LL3 Posted - 22 September 2008 0:19
does it apply to all wheat like cereal, crackers, cake cookies etc.? or is it only for bread?
look-upward Posted - 22 September 2008 21:55
I believe it applies to things actually baked. so not cereal. other foods would be bishul yisrael, which susually isnt an issue

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