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MODERATOR Posted - 07 December 2000 1:01
Case #2: Liquid Food in a Kli Rishon on the Fire

Say you started cooking, not meat in a Milchig pot, but milk
in a Fleishig pot. You shut off the fire before the temperature
reaches 110¼o, and you know the Halacha requires Netilah K'dei
Klipah on the milk.

You have a problem.

How do you "peel" milk?

The answer is you may not have to. Because since it is only
the "outside layer" of the milk that is infested with meat
Belios, and since that layer has obviously blended with the rest
of the milk, we apply the rule of "Bitul".

"Bitul" means that if a little of substance "A" gets blended
into a lot of substance "B" - "a lot" meaning that there is ”sixty
times more of "B" than there is of "A" - then "A" is considered
null, void, and even nonexistent, as it is totally "swallowed up"
by substance "B".

Therefore, the tiny amount of Treif milk in your pot - that
thin outside layer imbibed with meat Belios - is considered
"Botul" (null, void, nonexistent) in the much larger quantity of
Kosher milk in the pot, and you may drink the whole mixture.

If, however, the outside "shell" of the milk consists of
more that 1.66% of the total amount of milk in the pot, "Bitul"
would not apply, and the milk would have to be disposed of
(Rivah, quoted in Tosfos Pesachim 76. Taz 91:7 quoting
Maharai, Taz 69:6, Shach 91:8, Chochmas Adam 42:10) In
case of dire need, a Rav should be consulted
(Shach 91:8, "One should not be lenient except when
necessary," Chochmas Adam 42:10 is lenient where a great
financial loss would be incurred ("Hefsed Merubah.") See also
Tosfos Pesachim 76, Y.D. 91:3, Magen Avraham O.H. 447:33)

Of course, if the milk was heated to 110oF, meat Belios
would be absorbed into all of the liquid, which would make both
milk and pot Treif.

Note: The concept of "Bitul" is vast and complex,
containing many details and conditions as to its exact

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