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confuzedteen Posted - 30 June 2008 18:15
i had this thing with non-jewish music a while ago. basically i just couldn't stop. i was walking around the whoe day with my ipod and i was totally addicted! then at one point i decided to just stop. i erased all my songs and never listen to non-jewish music again.
i was really good about it for a few months and then it caught up to me...i just can't find the courage to stop again. im way too strongly attached to it..
please help!!
basyisroelmaz Posted - 06 January 2009 1:11
yea i feel u i have the same problem i LOVE music to be honest music is the most biggest step especially for a frum teen thats trying to become better its very hard try this: listen to the actual words of the non-jewish song and u'll hear the shmutz and ask urself is this really wat u want to listen to ? good luck


GoodyGo-d Posted - 11 January 2009 19:09
DITTO!! non jewish music is definately one of the biggest yetzer harahs of my life. It is soo addicting. I feel like i'm a alchohaulic/druggie, the slightest taste of it makes me readdicted and i just cannot stop listening to it. I saved up my money and bought myself an ipod and did not let myself put any non jewish music on it. This helped me keep off of the radio, but it is still blaring everyone, taunting me into returning to listening. I sound overly dramatic but my struggle with not listening is tremendous due to my passion for music. I try and keep up to date with all the jewish music so that I never resolve to going back to the radio. I must always have music at my fingertips and that is what my ipod provides vs. the radio. Good luck in keeping off, and know that i am right beside you, egging you on and totally relating with your struggle!


ect Posted - 11 January 2009 19:09
in additon to basyisroelmaz's advice which is great. you also have to keep in mind not to take such big steps. Usually when someone will take on something so big it wont last. Try to maybe limit yourself to only a certain amount per day or not to listen to certain cd that are really inappropriate. friends could also be a good support system to encourage you . Good luck
blackberrygurlm Posted - 26 January 2009 21:49
Its the hardest nisayon 4 many teenagers the songs r so addictive and completely trasform you!u can't find the same quality of music in jewish music
leavingandlooking Posted - 28 January 2009 17:18
it's intresting, becuase people are always saying you cant find good Jewish X, x being really anything. What makes the difference? What is Jewish X missing? Is it just the temptation and what's popular and secular that causes this gap in everything? Are all these things necessary?
LostSoul66 Posted - 01 April 2009 18:34
Hey i no how exectly ya feel...i used to also be ob wit english music-couldnt stop listenin. i knew i wood hafta stop someday, but i just never wanted to face that fact. till i decided to one day actually do s/t about it. n wat worked for was s/t ppl hav tried b4, n that is to try to replace ur english misic. i mean lyk get really obsessed wit it. n then it wont as hard to take the next step towards stopping to listen to ur english music, becuz u will alred yhav ur jewish music. but the key is that once u stop wit the NJ music, u cant go back to it, becuz then slowly but surely, the yetzer hora will have tricked u into listenin to ju "one more song"...this worked for me n hopefull it will work 4 u. i wish u much success with this challenge n in the future!! :-)
shykneegirl Posted - 20 May 2009 23:52
hey i know the feeling too! i happen to live on music and its a big part of what makes me happy and keeps me going weather its dancing singing with it or listening and playing it. i cant believe its been 4 years since i stopped listening to non jewish music completely! i have to admit it was a huge step to take and there is no way i could have done it without inspiration. the truth is that ever since we lost the beis hamikdash several gift were taken away from bnei yisroel such as the fire on the mizbeach and the ability to make beautiful music. the leviyim used to play gorgeous music and inspire even goyim to come praise Hashem. many stories are told about the complexity and pureness of each song. when we lost the beis hamikadash this gift was taken away from us and given to the goyim as with many other special gifts. this explains why jewish music seems so lacking and non jewish music seems to fill you. But imagine this scenario for a moment. you are innocently sitting in a mall somewhere and all of the sudden someone starts throwing dirt on you. If you are smart you will run away but if you just sit there soon the dirt will be so high you wont be able to see and all you will be covered in is this gross slimy disgusting dirt! this is what happens to your neshama when you listen to non jewish music. you are basically throwing so much narishkeit on your neshama that you will chas vishalom not be able to connect to Hashem any longer. a person who is listening to non jewish music even if it is "clean" they are putting untold garbage from the outside world into their minds. soon they will find that it is hard to concentrate during davening and maybe their tznius will falter. this music is usually saying things like love me touch me blah blah blah and things that are completely apikorsus! once a person gets theses ideas in their head, even if they say i really dont want that they dont realize subconciously it is stored and may pose as a problem later in life. the best suggestion i have for you is to stop cold turkey! when you are drowning in quicksand you dont try to pull out slowly you pull fast and hard as quick as possible. the faster you leave that shmutz the better! (this may not work for everyone but if you know your the type where slow steps dont work get out fast!) you dont have to start off listening to only things like lipa or something you can start with blue fringe and then work your way up. you really cant imagine what an amazing feeling it is to say i dont listen to non jewish music and mean it!
curlygirly Posted - 26 May 2009 4:08
Help! I also have this problem with music. I'm so addicted to non jewish music, and I know it's bad for me. But every time I stop, I feel this emptiness inside of me that can't be filled by jewish music so I always end up going back. I really want to stop, but it's just so hard...
leavingandlooking Posted - 26 May 2009 20:46
Myabe try forcing it. Listen to a lot of jewish music even if you don't want to so much, and whenever nj music enters your mind, think of something else, or Jewish music.
shykneegirl Posted - 01 June 2009 1:30
i know the feeling curly and its pretty empty and horrible at first so the main thing to do at first is distract yourself. if it helps try not listening to music at all for a while and when you finally return to only jewish music you may feel differently since you crave any music at all. as you work on yourself to keep yourself away from nj music you will find its much easier as time goes on until you wont feel the need altogether or it will be a very small feeling in the back of your mind. im not saying it doesnt take time and a lot of effort on your part but its one of my proudest accomplishments today tha ill go into a store where a radio is playing and be able to say I DONT KNOW THAT SONG!
JewishAndProud! Posted - 01 June 2009 1:30
LeavingAndLooking-that's good advice :) I think I'll try using it as well.

The user name says it all...

shykneegirl Posted - 09 June 2009 20:50
YaakovA Posted - 29 June 2009 20:33
Shlomo Katz, Eitan Katz, and Shlomo and Eitan katz, Yonaton Razel, Chaim Dovid, Sinai Tor, YOSEF KARDUNER!!!There is some insaenley amazing Jewish music, you need to look for it, and really listen and youll feel it. Ive got more suggestions if you want...btw, I dont really feel the need to listen to secular music anymore, thanks to these amazing Yidden
ProudlyJewish Posted - 01 July 2009 18:52
It's hard just to throw out everything and stop forever.
What I tried was I wouldn't listen to non-Jewish music on Friday. Then after a while, I added more and more days of the week where I wouldn't listen. And it worked!
Get some Jewish music CDs, and listen to those, put them on your ipod too. This way you'll still have music and you won't be tempted to listen to non-Jewish music.
Good Luck!
josh1 Posted - 07 July 2009 17:42
Non Jewish music is like any of the things your yetzer hara really craves to have: The more you do it, the more you want it. The less you do it, the easier it becomes to live without. Its sort of an addictive thing. Breaking the addiction is really tough, but as you spend more days without listening, it will get much easier. Good Luck!
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