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frum4life Posted - 15 July 2008 15:15
Hello, I'm currently going through a very hard time and I thought of posting my problem here.

I'm currently in a country where kashrus is not very popular, the community lack of frum people is amazing. But the people in general is extremely nice and are willing to change. The people that are frum (very little percentage) came up with the idea of opening a kosher "free restaurant" at shul, where people can come in at any time and get a free kosher meal.
Specially for Shabbos, EVERYONE can get a kosher meal for free. It's actually an excellent work! But I've noticed that some of the things they're doing are not according to the laws of kashrus. I went to my rabbi and other representatives and they think that I'm taking this "too far." But I'm really not, I'm just pointing out some mistakes, like using NON KOSHER OIL!!!!
I feel so bad because whenever a rabbi is here for visit, he eats that meal thinking that is kosher.

What should I do? People at shul don't want me to be telling this to others, but I just can't keep it to myself.

Matisyohu28 Posted - 16 July 2008 13:37
you shouldnt keep it to yourself - this week's parsha is pinchos..pretty fitting if you ask me.

make a big deal out of it, and get it done - people shouldn't be eating treif when they think they're eating kosher

Mussar teaches you how to live. But learning bava kama is living! - Rav Avigdor Miller ZT'L

taon Posted - 16 July 2008 13:37
Can you get them to follow kashrus, if that's the whole point? Contact a reliable Kashrus organization. If there's none nearby, then a national one. Explain the situation, see if you can get them to say something, either contacting this restaurant or proclaiming it nonkosher or giving it a mashgiac or something. If not, ask them the shailos you have about this "restaurant" and present the replies, respectfully and in the form of a question, to your rabbi. The peoeple where you live, would any of them listen if you ytold them, or would they just go on eating non-kosher? Becuase then theres the problem of making them do it bimazid, with knowledge. How would people react if the health standards were equal to the kashrus standards, or if they used products from arab countries instead of isreal. ask them that, maybe theyll see the doube standard. Remeber, we're all with you. You're standing for the Torah, so dont back down.
Another thing. These foods in the restaurant, are they things that can be bought in stores?


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thisisagreatwebsite Posted - 31 July 2008 16:38
Frum4life, I am proud of you!!! The fact that you even posted tells a lot about you. I'm glad that you are very concerned and caring for the wellfare of other Jews ! Kol Hakovod!!!! Honey, kashrus really is a serious issue. Letting other fellow Jews eat traif is can't sit by and watch other Jews sin.
Try to do whatever you can to rectify the can do it!!! You seem like you have the guts, and I'm proud of you for that!!! Be strong! I know I know it is easier to look the other way, and at times we all want to do that, but when other Jews are sinning, we must do something.

Is there anyway you can get your parents to help you or some other people??

Be strong in your fight and you will succeed!!!! Hashem will help you because you are doing the right thing!!!

thisisagreatwebsite Posted - 31 July 2008 16:38
And one more go girl!!!!

You are really a role model for others!!!

sandythedog Posted - 04 August 2008 18:30
i know ppl who have had to deal with situations like this (in that case, the community felt it was being fine and kosher,while others, outside the community, didn't feel so). For starters,those who would want to know (such as the Rav and others who keep high kashrut standards) should be told. Tell them what u have seen, not just the fact that they aren't 'keeping kosher.' The rabbi will need to know what to look for, and what were the mistakes that had been made. Also, you can't neccesarilly convince everyone, but if you get the community leader on your side, he can convince them. In addition, it is a step by step process; so, if something really isn't kosher, it should be handled, but if it is something that is a chumrah (such as the fact that kemach yashon, 'old flour', is to be used outside e"y, that isn't held by everyone....)

but definately tell the rav, and whomever else is in charge who will listen!!!!

good luck! and don't let others stop you, no matter how much they may try, bc u know ur doing something right! just make sure it's done in the right way, which is where the rav comes in.

frum4life Posted - 21 September 2008 21:36
Thank you everyone for your kind advices!!! It really encourages me to keep going!

As of my situation, it's worse than when I posted the first time. I did what you guys told me... I went down to my rabbi and talked to him about the stuff I saw. He said that "that was not possible" and gave me a look.. he didn't believe me. I was shocked, honestly, and he told me that I was allowed not to eat there if I didn't want to.

Days later I discovered that this rabbi, which is the local rabbi or the highest authority around, doesn't KEEP KOSHER HIMSELF!!!!!!!! And he's supposed to be the leader and the "orthodox leader" here.

I feel as if I'm completely alone here. My parents are encouraging me to keep going but I just feel like nobody cares. And those who care, they just don't eat there. My biggest concern are all the great rabbis that come visit and eat there! I really feel tears in my eyes whenever I see that.
Lately, I've been trying to warn the rabbis before they eat there by inviting them to my house instead.

I just wish there was something else I could do. But unfortunately my country is not really "famous" so it's extremely difficult to get other ppl's help :(

Thank you everyone for taking the time and replying me!!!

HATZLACHA to everyone!! and speacilly you, Moderator.. this website is the one that keeps me going! BH!

look-upward Posted - 24 September 2008 16:23
this is strange. Hasnt anyone else noticed this farce? there must be someone else with your concerns. you arent alone there. if the restauant owner doesnt care about kashrus, why doesnt he just come out with the truth? why not take down the false hecsher? and if the Rabbi doesnt care about kosher...why hasnt he mentioned such? he should tell what he really belives, or act like it, not pretend. if you know more about visiting Rabbis and other visitors religious concerns than the rabbi does, why is he in charge? how has he gotten away with this? how has anyone? you should be the one advising visitors where to go instead.
what the restaurant is doing is illegal. ask them, or someone involved with them, to stop or announce that they arent kosher, or youll report them or sue or whatever. maybe your parents can help. even if they dont fully share your concerns, the falsehood and hypocrisy, and how you are being hurt by it, should motivate them to move in ways you may not think you are able to.
taon Posted - 28 September 2008 16:55
the cure is made before the sickness, tests can be beaten.

what country and what area in it do you live in? I know some religious Jews who have traveled to many obscure places, and there are plenty of organizations. we'll be able to find help.


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frum4life Posted - 28 September 2008 16:55

I agree with you 100%. But unfortunately, yes, I'm alone. And no, nobody shares my concerns. It may sound a little "strange" like you said, but it's the truth, sadly.

I seriously don't know what else to do. Because everyone cares too much about the "image" and how would it look like if the restaurant is not kosher. Honestly, I despite this type of people and organizations, it's Hillul HaShem, and I don't have enough power to put an end to it.

I don't know why this rabbi is in charge. Everyone here only care about money. They pay you to be quiet, and that's what this rabbi is doing.

I can't report/sue them. This country is not like US or Israel. They would just laugh and say good luck. I'm completely frustrated, not with Yiddishkeit (of course) but with people, here specially. And most of all, I feel that Halacha and Judaism are completely powerless.

Now, if anyone knew who could I speak to about this whole mess, someone that could have influence in my country. I don't know where to go in order to find help.

Once again, thanks Mod for keeping this website!

Kesivo V'chosimo Tova!

taon Posted - 28 October 2008 19:45
Frum4life, are you still here?


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josh1 Posted - 10 November 2008 10:50
Frum4life, I assume that you have Lubavitchers around? Maybe try to find them. Im sure they have good kashrus....
frum4life Posted - 12 November 2008 23:32

Yes! I'm still here! lol It actually took me a while to notice the messages here. Well, I would gladly tell you where it is, but due to privacy issues I rather tell you over an email. Is that possible?

Oh yes, there are Lubavitchers around... but I don't support their ideas.

taon Posted - 16 November 2008 15:39
hmm..probably bette r to email the Moderators. I could email R' Moderator if neccessary also, but they probably know.


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josh1 Posted - 16 November 2008 15:39
frum4life, Just because you dont support their ideas, doesnt mean you cant enjoy their kosher food! I dont agree with their ideas either, but I have several close friends that are lubavitchers and have eaten at their houses. They keep kosher.
look-upward Posted - 19 November 2008 21:32
actually, there are certain sub-groups of chabad even other Lubavitchers wont eat from.
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