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sandythedog Posted - 16 July 2008 15:32
I know that there are debates and discussions on what women can learn. This is what I have understood from other posts:
-not gemara/torah sheb'al peh
-rashi might be okay, bc it explains torah
-and if for learning halacha, something that a girl should know, that's okay.

So a girl could look up something in the gemara, such as halachot of davening, bc it pertains to her, correct?

Also, I love learning, and if I learn, it might occasionally be nuvi, like if I am looking up a point we learned in high school, but usually michtav m'eliyahu, which is mussar, and everyone should learn mussur, right?

Also, torah sheb'chtav is not a problem for girls to learn at all? So if someone wants to learn the parsha, or wants to look up something, that's not an issue? And if they look up something, and don't understand it, so they go to the meforesh to understand it, that's like the point wish Rashi? that it is simply explaining the posuk?

thanks in advance!

MODERATOR Posted - 16 July 2008 16:11
1) Girls cannot learn Gemora.
2) Girls cannot learn Mishnayos.
3) Girls must learn the Halochos and Hashkofos etc that are relevant to them.
3a) Girls may not learn the discussion surrounding the halochos (shkla v'tarya) but only the bottom line halachah
4) If in the pursuit of #3 they look up something in the Gemora, they can only look up the "bottom line" statement of Halachah without covering the discussion that leads up to it, because that would be a violation of #1.
5) Tanach with Meforshim is a subject of debate. In Bais Yaakovs it is accepted that girls do learn Rashi and some Meforshim. How far they can take this without violating #1 and/or 3a, since Meforshim contain a mixture of explanation (which they can learn) and explication that is not needed to understand simply the text (which they cannot learn), is not quantifiable and so is not clear. Rav Shach ZTL has stated that too many meforshim definitely corsses the line in this respect and is assur.
FlippedOutFish Posted - 18 July 2008 13:23
Isnt there a Maaseh with Rav Shach ZTZL that a few seminary girls came to ask him a question and they asked him a complicated Tanach question and Rav Shach responded to them do you know how to cook? Go into the next room and my wife will teach you how to cook potato something.
Its along these lines i believe.
depressedAngel Posted - 18 July 2008 13:23
so if my halacha teacher teaches the background debate to a halacha then its assur??
amolam Posted - 18 July 2008 20:27
MODERATOR Posted - 09 September 2003 9:10

Rav Shach ZTL writes in one of his letters that teaching girls Meforshim in depth would be assur because of this, (the problem is quantifying "in depth", which makes it easy to rationalize) and when a couple of seminary girls came to him to ask him to explain a Ramban or something to them, he replied that they should better spend their time delving into domestic arts.

taon Posted - 20 July 2008 4:06
welcome back, amolam.
As for the story you're reffering to, it sounded to me like Rav Shach was specifying cooking not because thats all women are good for (chas vesholom, i know you didint mean to insinuate that, but people tend to jump to conclusions), but to point out that they want to study deeper things that are forbidden, when they have more important things to do that they are ignoring.


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FS613 Posted - 22 July 2008 15:18
Is the Mishnah of Pirkay Avos, ok for girls to learn?

If so, is this an exception to the rule of no Mishnah for girls?

Thank you.

MODERATOR Posted - 22 July 2008 15:19

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