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LifeIsGood2 Posted - 10 March 2003 20:53
You read the subject correctly. I just want to know what makes you happy. (PLEASE don't make this into a depression post. There are many others. Stay away from phrases like "nothing makes me happy" and stuff like that.) I'm simply curious as to what makes you guys happy.
smile4me Posted - 11 March 2003 4:35
(ehem, 2 a certain person who i had this convo w/ last night...)
I think happiness is when you're happy with yourself. Happy with what you're becoming,happy that you have meaning in your life, and you're working on yourself, trying to be the best person you can be. Knowing you're doing the right thing, and just being happy with who you are!
firefly Posted - 11 March 2003 4:35
know that feeling that you get after you pulled through a really difficult circumstance and came out on top? That makes me happy- It's like an indescibable high. I'm happy when I can contribute- when I do for other people- making other people happy makes me happy.
Cookie Posted - 11 March 2003 4:35

yideleh Posted - 11 March 2003 4:35
frumalltheway Posted - 11 March 2003 4:35
-when my parents shep nachas from me
-wen all my frieds go do osmehting worng and i dont do it with them
-wen someone tellss me i helped them to become better, etc
-just knowing that im trying as hard to be the bets i can be
-my friends-someimtes just chilling
Abcyr Posted - 11 March 2003 4:35
Giving and getting love.
Raquel Posted - 11 March 2003 4:35
thats an intesretig post, im not sure wuts the idea beinhd it but wtvr. what makes me happy? ... it makes me happy when im the center of attention and when everyone is tlaking to me ( i know i sound snobish but its teh truth )or..( im not sure if this fits in , in this site) but i like it when guys check me out...or compliment me...i also like it when i feel good and not sick (like right now). It makes me happy when i know all my HW is done and its all correct. and ofcourse when i get all A's. and also when i have no worries and everything is done and ready to go. i think that pretty much covers it
who me?! Posted - 11 March 2003 4:35
the thing that actually makes me happy it hearing and seeing the TRUTH!!!
i mean like hearing things that connect to Hashem...from maraculous stories to simply a song with a beautiful meaning....hearing that a baby was born (besides for tha "happines") the miracal...i wish i could explain better....also when i do for others especially someone who i dont want to do for like my mother or a girl that i dislike....
whenever im in a bad moo di try to focus on what i can do for someone...(kinda selfish) bit thats what gets me to be happy!!!
and nowadays talking and watching... my 70 day old baby makes me happy

Punims Posted - 11 March 2003 4:35
Feeling that you really really brightened someone's day up.
dia Posted - 12 March 2003 3:57
Ok, You guys came up with brilliant things, and fast too.
I need the time to thing about it, so keep this post on top.
israel-phile gal Posted - 12 March 2003 3:57
punims- u do that all the time- i talk from personal experience!
Shoshi Posted - 12 March 2003 3:57
knowing that you did a mitzvah belavav shalem and with the proper kavanos
HappyGirl Posted - 14 March 2003 2:28
FREE nights and weekends ;)
life?!?! Posted - 14 March 2003 18:25
ure crazy girl!!
Cookie Posted - 17 March 2003 1:25
being at peace with yourself and others

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