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abcdefghijklmnop Posted - 28 May 2008 22:43
How did Hashem punish the mitzrim midah kineged midah with the makot? I especially need this information on the second half of the makot... I need the sources as well... PLEASE HELP ASAP I need the answers very very soon... Thank you all so much!
trying2shteig Posted - 02 June 2008 16:40
i totally have this! from different midrashic sources-

Dam- tehy worshipped the nile
tzfardea- just like the egyptains used to turture the jews by ordering them to collect all types of loathsome creeping animals and insects just b/c they wanted to make them suffer.
kinim- b/c the egyptians had forced the jews to sweep their streets, so Hashem turned all the dust from the street into kinim.
arov- 2 reasons- the egyptians saw that B"Y would not be building their buildings for thema nymore so theyt old them to go catch wild animals for them, hoping they would be killed in the process. also, the egyptiaans would afflict the jews by telling them to watch their children. a jew would have to carry 4 children around on his shoulders, 2 on each shoulder.
dever- the mitzrim ahd forced the jews to become shpereds and donkey drivers in deserteed spots and distant mountains to prevent them from multipyling. as a punishment their animals perished.
shchin- the mitzrim had comipelled the BY to prepare theirbath water by either heating or cooling the water. now they couldn't bathe b/c the water- hot or cold- hurt their skin so much. also they were repaid for making the jews work nonstop without any rest at all- now they were given to feel what it was like to alawys feel irritated without a single moment of rest.
barad- dunno. but the fire inside the ice was to punish the reshaim like in gehinom's fire.
arbeh- b/c the mitzrim forced B"Y to sow their crops and so now the locusts devoured w/e B"Y had grown. also the locusts ate any fruit that fell during the barad so the egyptians woulenefit from that either.
choshech- a mitzri would tell a jew "hold this burningandle on ur head while i eat supper, but hold it straight! one move and your head will be split w/ a sword" the jew would have to stand motionless in fear while the mitzri ate. so Hashem reversed it so that the mitzrim would be standing still in darkness while the jews enjoyed light. also b/c the mitzrim chose a life of darkness and the jews chose the way of light- Torah umitzvot.
makat bechorot- the mitzrim reversed the natural order of things by ordering B"Y to perform labor which is usually done by day at night and vice versa. and also commanded the jewish men to perform work ordinarily done by women and the owmen men's jobs. so too Hashem punished them in the middle of the night (that's from shemot rabbah)
hope this helps!

leavingandlooking Posted - 03 June 2008 20:45
Great job! I have a few to add dam- we were made to bring them water from the nile barad- the same as arbeh, we were forced to make these orchards in situations wher eit would be extemely hard (i think we had to plant them in rocky areas or something) so these were destroyed bechoros- you explained why the middle of the night, but not the firstborn part i think. i saw two reasons 1 our male children were thrown into the nile 2 they enslaved Bnei Yisroel, and we'rew called "Hashem's firstborn", since firstborn also means the most important child. This is from various midrashic sources, I dont know what is from what exactly, there Tnan dibei Eliyahu, Shemos Rabba, Daas Zerkeinim, Rashi, and Tanchuma, i dont know which ones gave which perushim so somem of thiose sources might not be in here.Or you can also list Frumteens as a source :)
trying2shteig Posted - 11 June 2008 23:20
oh i just took all of my answers from "The Midrash Says" which quotes like a zillion different midrashim

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