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Anything about JUDAISM
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trying2shteig Posted - 23 May 2008 20:10
i learn most of the Torah i know on my own and im not bragging b/c lots of times i don't learn at all... so does anyone ever feel like that- that when they learn on their own that they fail more than they succeed? i just feel like i waste so much more time than i actually learn. anbydoy agree?
leavingandlooking Posted - 26 May 2008 1:05
I've heard suggestions that the way, pace, and possibly in some cases place you learn on your own should be different than when you're with a chavrusa.Maybe a new makom kevuah, maybe a slower pace or different sefer. Find a way to make both work.
torahtemima Posted - 26 May 2008 1:05
yeah, I know the feeling. it's like you can't tell if you accomplished, because there's no one else to compare it to, and no stardard, and you can't really tell how much you know.
shteiger613 Posted - 15 July 2009 16:52
wheather you realize it or not even one word of torah, you accomplish something

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