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sandythedog Posted - 23 May 2008 20:10
Here's my question...if someone is tempted to do a certain avera(sin..)but doesn't have the opportunity, does that mean the yetzer hara can't really tempt you in that area? like if someone really wants to eat a cheeseburger, but they can never get to mcdonald's before it closes, even though they have tried more than once, does that mean that the yetzer hara, either because you are stronger than the yetzer hara's pull when it comes to that particular thing, or because you are too weak, so there isn't a point in the yetzer hara trying to tempt you(it's not at your bechira point as Rav Dessler would put it..), and that is why you never have the opportunity? or was that not ur test in the first place? or is there something else going on??

I guess in short, why, if someone tries to do something bad, the yetzer hara doesn't have the proper pull to 'get the job done'?
(I think we should always be glad when the yetzer hara doesn't succeed, but I am trying to understand this concept..)

thanks in advance!

MODERATOR Posted - 25 May 2008 2:29
If you're prevented from an aveirah, it's because Hashem does not want you to commit it, or have the nisayon caused by being there. It could in addition be meant as a wake up call, Hashem is showing you you shouldn't go there, and is giving you another chance.

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