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Anything about JUDAISM
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swim-like-a-fish Posted - 18 May 2008 16:00
does anyone have a dvar torah on sefiras haomer/shavuos that somehow ties in with shalom/ rabbi akiva and his talmidim? or with parshas bechukosai?
yesorno Posted - 19 May 2008 23:50
wonder what that could be for? ;)
wannabe Posted - 19 May 2008 23:50
actually yeah. theres a great essay on sefiras haomer in rabbi tatz's book 'living inspired'. see if u can get a hold of it..
Growth is life Posted - 23 May 2008 20:10
listen to the shiurim by rav wachsman on sfira
swim-like-a-fish Posted - 02 June 2008 16:40

thanks guys for the replies, its not applicable anymore

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