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Chabad 770 Posted - 24 April 2008 17:28
I have read that in some communities and groups of Chassidim that girls after the age of Bas Mitzvah wear Tichels or Snoods before marriage, and Sheitles after marriage. What groups or communities do this? Do they do this in Chicago? I am going to possibly go to a girl's yeshiva there, or in Toronto, or another place, I also am trying to find a good Chabad girl's yeshiva to go to... We are kind of new to the idea, and my Rabbi says to try to find one myself... I have decided to ask people, like Rabbi's daughters who attend one of the Yeshivos in Toronto,which my mother does not want me to attend... I don't know why. Please help...
torahtemima Posted - 19 May 2008 23:50
R' Ovadya Yosef says that Sefardi girls should cover their hair. None of the sefardi girls I know do this, and it may not be minhag ashkenaz
btw, may you have much hatzlacha in whatever Jewish school you go to, your thirst for learning is amazing and with Hashem's help no matter what struggles you go through, you will grow to heights you never dreamed of.
get high Posted - 26 May 2008 5:38
torahtemimah , i have no idea where you got your info from but rav ovadia doesnt say that girls that arent married have to cover their hair. as a matter of fact , iv never came across a posek that held/holds this(although it might exist i honestly dont believe it does though). rav ovadia (along with many other poskim) does hold a girl shouldnt allow her NATURAL hair to flow freely and wildly but should keep it tame and preferably in a pony tail or braided. this is not a new thing rav ovadia came up with and many ashekezim hold the same thing. (yalkut yosef hilchot ishut)
please state your source (if any) so i can look it up. thank you.

im sorry if i sounded harsh, its just that,for some reason people constantly, and im mean almost always, misquote or misrepresent rav ovadias statements, even politically, his statements are almost always taken out of context. thats why i get defensive, and know that its not just rav ovadia, i hear ppl mixing up what rav moshe said all the time and it gets me upset because a)those people are following the wrong halacha b)they denigrate the talmidei hachamim they misquote.

torahtemima Posted - 28 May 2008 22:43
get high- I saw it in the sefer of halacha, it was near the beginning (my father showed it to me because I asked about the same thing) He says that single girls should cover their hair, and if they can't all the time, they should at least cover it when davening and elarning torah.
Chabad 770 Posted - 03 June 2008 20:45
Which book is this? Will you share the title so I can buy it? Is this a frequently asked question? I still don't know what to do... My Rebbitzen is a little occupied with her baby to talk to about this subject. Her eldest daugter is ten, and does not wear a tichel that I am aware of, but she is not Bas Mitzvah yet. Please get back to this as soon as possible, I really need to know if I should do this or not, for the time being, I am keeping my hair up, and on Shobbos keeping it in a snood, which my Rav seems to be emotionless about. I feel uncomfortable asking him such a question, for I am much closer to his wife, and this is a question about tichels and sheitles, which is a question that would pertain to his wife more than he himself.
torahtemima Posted - 11 June 2008 23:20
Yechaveh Daat.
Chabad 770 Posted - 15 June 2008 18:17
Which judaic stores is it avalable at? I would really like to look at it.
torahtemima Posted - 25 June 2008 17:35
any sefarim store
Arctic_Circle Posted - 04 July 2008 16:08
There is a statement in Shulchan Aruch regarding (even) unmarried girls/women not going out with uncovered or 'open' hair.

If I recall correctly, this had been explained to me as follows.

Some interpret the statement as merely requiring that a woman who once was married was must continue covering her hair, even if she is divorced or widowed. (r'l)

Others interpret the statement as requiring unmarried girls to BRAID their hair- hence that minhag among some.

Bas Melech 225 Posted - 04 July 2008 16:08
Wow, i have never heard of this concept b4-except mayb in rambam's time--that's rly interesting. i'd wanna know where they do this, if any1 knows....

"V'Ani Kirvas Elokim Li Tov"

davidye Posted - 04 July 2008 16:08
unmarried women covering their hair is not a chiddush of rav ovadias--lichora its pshat from the gemara (ketubot bottom of 72a), the rambam (issurei biah 21:17) and the shulchan aruch (even haezer 21:2). the darchei moshe says on that siman in the tur that minhag ashkenaz is that said halacha of "penuyot" covering their hair only applies to previously married women, and the nosei keilim of the s"a say the same. however, the minhag of some sephardi communities is to have everyone cover their hair, and rav ovadia definitely paskened (i forget where) that all women should cover their hair during brochos/davening
Chabad 770 Posted - 15 July 2008 15:03
torahtemima, thank you for the words of good encouragement. I really feel honored to hear them. Get High, I have not found any sources either, but I have read it on frum websites. I have heard that if a girl's hair is short that she can keep it loose. I have also heard that if anything is on the head it is good, for example a headband, or a barrette. I always keep mine in a ponytail or a bun though.
get high Posted - 15 July 2008 15:03
there is an inyan to wear it when davening or learning but thats not due to irvah. im still not sure where you got it from so please be a bit more specific, i would imagine he is discussing if she is in shul or something.
get high Posted - 15 July 2008 15:03
torah temimah, i didnt get a chance to look it up in yechava daat but i did look at the kitzur yalkut yosef, it says that girls should cover their hair while davening but he it doesnt mention anything else.
music4mySOUL Posted - 28 July 2008 3:00
im really confused...i have nevr heard anything about covering ur hair b4 marriage...nor have i met any religious girls who do this - not even for davening. can some1 plz clarfiy this for me
newhere Posted - 30 July 2008 17:43
Here are some of the sources:(of course none of this should be used to rely on lihalacha) The rambam(issurei biah perek 21 halacha 17) says "there's an issur for jewish girls to walk with their hair uncovered whether they are single or married" the mechaber in even haezer (siman 21 seif 2) says the same thing. However the mechaber in orach chaim (siman 75 seif 2) writes " the hair of a woman who's accustomed to cover her hair is forbidden to say krias shema in front of, however single girls who are accustomed to go out with uncovered hair, it is permitted" many poskim (chelkas mechokek,beis shmuel, and others) resolve this contradiction by saying that when the mechaber says "penuyah" in even haezer he is referring to either a widow or a beulah. However the magen avraham(o'c s'k 3)and i believe others ( maybe the shvus yaakov if my memory serves correctly) answer that the issur of a single girl is not to go out with her hair uncovered but unbraided. My guess is that the minhag of yerushalmi girls comed from here, although a yerushalmi guy once told me its just for tznius purposes without a halachic signifcance. I do believe there are poskim who understand the word "braids" to mean not disheveled,but not litterally braids although i do not know of any sources off hand that say such a thing. Hope this helps.
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