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smile4me Posted - 10 January 2003 14:06
k, a few questions...
1.I learned in skool that Bais Hillel & Shamai were arguing about which is better, 2 have been created or not- & they both decided that it was better that we shouldnt have been created. sowhy did Hashem make it like that?
2.we live in olam hazeh 2 get sechar 4 olam haba,so in olam haba, all we're doing is just having a nice happy life in a beautiful house & e/ yr doing the same thing over & over? whats the fullfillment in that? why would i want that? isnt that like olam hazeh, but only w/ the good? & how do u belive in olam habah? its 2 far away 4 me 2 really believe. but if im scared or upset, i automatically talk 2 hashem. so im kinda using Him. Why did hashem create us? We're like a pieca dirt compared 2 Him!
3. my teacher said that if 1 outta 2 ppl were gonna die, & 1 was man & 1 lady, the lady would have 2 die. but why? why is a man better than a woman?
4. why do BY skools not explain why we're Jewish, but only 2 the not religious ppl? arent we sposed 2 know why we're Jewish & not just do e/t cuz my mother does it? why does Hashem want that? & if He doesn't, than why dooesnt anyone have answers? are there really answers?
if you have time, can you please answer these q's? thanx.
MODERATOR Posted - 10 January 2003 14:41
1. This doesnt mean that G-d did somethgin bad for us - everythign G-d does is Good, and He created us. So thats good, then. What the Gemora means is that since there are more prohibitions in the Torah than Mitzvos, the odds, on paper, are against us succeeding in this world. However, you left out the rest of the Gemora, which says, "but now that he's here, let him do Mitzvos", which means, that since we have bechirah, we can choose to beat the odds. We're not dependent on the dice.We're dependent on our choices.

2 - In Olam Habah we become connected to Hashem - "part" of Hashem, so to speak. Therefore, jus tas Hashem is perfect, so too we will be able to plug into that perfection. Its not a house or some unfulfillign reward. its THE ONLY fulfillment and infinite pleasure that a person can ever have. The reason why material thigns are unfulfilling is because you have a soul that doesnt care for them - and it is your soul that remains unfulfilled. But your soul - and your body - will be perfectly fulfilled and perfectly happy with Olam Habah.

3 - Its not that one is "better" - its that the man has more Mitzvos. And since unfortunately, someone has to die in this situation - there is no option to save them both - this criterion is better than throwing the dice, which we would be doing otherwise. It also says, therefore, that a Kohen gets saved before a Levi, and a Levi beofre aYisroel, for the same reasons. We have to choose somehow, and so we choose based on who has more Mitzvos.

As proof that it has nothing to do with who's better, there is another halachah that says if someone says "kill that person or I will kill you," you have to be killed and not kill that other person. The reason is, the Gemora says, "who says you are better than him?" This applies even if the other person is a woman and you are a man.

So where there is a choice, you cant allow anyone to die - and we dont know who's more valuable. But if have to choose one over the other, then we can ewither (a) flip a coin, or (b) decide based on who has more mitzvos. (b" is a better choice.

4 - The reason BY schools dont explain Judaism in a way the BT schools do is because (a) they think you dont need that kind of educaiton - theyre wrong about this, and (b) they dont know the answers themselves. They were never trained in that type of Hashkafa, the way kiruv peopel were. This is why 166 schools a year - including some very mainstream BY's import Rabbi Mechanic from Aish HaTorah or Chevy Garfinkel, or someone like that, to come and teach at least a mini-course to the students on this topic.

As I said many many times on the these boards - if you want this information, you should read the Hashkafa books of Rabbi Avigdor Miller ZLT, and Permission to Belieev and Permission to Receive by Rabbi Lawrence Kelleman, and when youre done with that, youll be qualified to teach these thigns yourself, sicne youll know so much more than so many other frum people in the world.

sara18 Posted - 23 June 2003 12:12
I'd like to add a few things:
when u say olam haba u think of it as in a kids mind like the world is sort of a fair game we play wich basiclly if u try and do the right thing here in this world and keep away from the bad stuff u'll win the game and get some great prize called olam haba
this is obviouslly not the case
rav cheim mevolozin explains on the pasuk of "da ma lemala memcha"
the pasuk is written in singilur
ie: it would make more sence to write "da ma lemala MEMCHEM"
and he explains: its what each individual creates for himself- thats what his olam haba will look like
therefor when we say about a rasha that he wont have an olam haba its not a punishment or anything its just a fact
he's got nothing ready there cuz he didnt prepare
*also about the bais yakov thing i also used to think its really wrong that they didnt teach proper emuna but you gtta understand that these schools take in milchtchila kids from mostly toradik houses and they assume the home is working TOGETHER with them.
they believe alot in emuna pshuta wich also has a great maala. and so they train the kids so to speak in a "brain wash" but then again its not wrong it's just a DIFFERENT way of believing.

thekid Posted - 27 May 2010 16:22
Speaking of Brain Washing... I'm going on this 3 week trip to Israel with Ohr Sameyach on this program called Jewish Learning Experience. Obviously going to Israel and visiting holy sites has an effect on everyone but I want to make sure I don't come back radial. I feel like this trip is a little brain washing. Is there anything I can do to prevent brain washing. Should I be worried at all? I'm not sure what to expect.
JewishAndProud! Posted - 31 May 2010 22:39
Wow, Rabbi Moderator-I just read your answers and I am so blown away. Even though I did not ask the question, you provided me a whole new perspective on things :)
Thank you :)

The user name says it all...

taon Posted - 02 June 2010 16:27
Why is anything thyat convicnes people of something others dont want to beleive considered brainwashing? If they force you to obey without asking, take drugged food, or harm yourself and give them money, get away. Otherwise, it's way less brainwashing than your average school or movie or blog. Just enjoy, and if you feel moved, that's life and there is no reason to avoid it. There's nothing wrong with it.

questions? go here:

JewishAndProud! Posted - 04 August 2010 14:48
Sara18, just finished reading your answer as :)

The user name says it all...

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