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MODERATOR Posted - 17 November 2000 23:06
1) Just as it is forbidden to cook meat with milk, it is
likewise prohibited to cook meat in a Milchig Ben-Yomo utensil,
or vice versa. If meat was cooked in a Milchig Ben-Yomo, it is
Asur Behanaah and must be disposed of like cooked Basar
Bechalav (Eliyahu Rabah, Shevus Yaakov, Pri Megadim, Machzik Bracha). In case of dire need or great financial loss, a Rav
should be consulted. Being that Shaar Ephraim and Teshuva M'Ahava are lenient.)

2) It is forbidden to pour boiling water from a Kli Rishon
onto a mixture of raw meat and milk, as this is considered a form
of cooking (Yabia Omer Vol. 5, O.H. 33)

Example: The drain-guard in Cecilia's sink is all
clogged up with food particles. She wants to clean it out
by pouring boiling water through it. If there are both raw
meat and dairy particles in the guard, Cecilia would not be
allowed to use a Kli Rishon to pour the water. She would
have to transfer it beforehand to a Kli Sheni from which she
may pour

3) According to many Poskim, the prohibition to cook meat
and milk applies even to meat and\or milk that was once cooked
before. There are those who hold that the prohibition to reheat
cooked meat and milk applies only if the meat or milk was
originally cooked individually. But where a certain mixture of
meat and milk were cooked together, it would not be prohibited to
reheat that same mixture again.

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