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MODERATOR Posted - 14 November 2000 22:43
If Basar Behema was accidently cooked with milk, the mixture
must be thrown in the garbage or flushed down the toilet. It may
not be given away to a gentile as a present, and according to
many Poskim may not be fed to stray animals.

See ”Sdei Chemed Vol. I p.65, Yad Efraim, Introduction, Bais
Halevi Vol. I, 20, Shaar Hatziun 448:75. (Feeding one's own
pets with Basar Becholov is unanimously prohibited.)

It is advisable to dispose of Basar Chaya or fowl cooked
with meat the same way as one would Basar Behema, with the
exception that Chaya and fowl may be fed to stray animals.

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