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stupendous Posted - 03 April 2008 20:43
baruch hashem my parents are amazing, but my father is very protective. i know its cuz he loves me, but doesn't a parent need to cut downa little on t he rules? i'm already in twelfth grade, and i kmow this is ganna sound very teenagery, but i'm not a baby anymore. am i right?
musicgurl Posted - 07 April 2008 17:36
depends what kind of things ur talking about
thinkingitover Posted - 07 April 2008 17:36
well... it depends what you're talking about. could you elaborate a little bit?
oksana123 Posted - 07 April 2008 17:36
as in what doesnt he let you do? be more spacific

and you arnt the only one my parents are really over protective!!

soulrebel Posted - 07 April 2008 17:36

i think u r, but then again, I'm a teenager too...

how is your father being overprotective? i had the same problem, but i got over it in a bad way, so i could tell u what NOT to do.

1) sneak out
2) act sulky
3) break rules to their faces

wow, that just made me sound like a horrible person.
I admire you for having the endurance to put up with this for so long. i am only 14 and i cant stand it now... ur a special person.

soulrebel Posted - 07 April 2008 17:36
ur a special person to have been able to cope with it for so long. I admire u ;)
stupendous Posted - 18 April 2008 13:32
thanx everyone for replying. sorry 4 the delay.
here are some examples:
1.all my friends drive and i'm not allowed to
2.i'm not even allowed to go in the car when theyre driving
3.i can't walk to my neighbor's house by myself at night
4.this is a little diffreent, but my father doesm't like when I go away for a weekend or something.he ends up letting me go cuz he has to, but isn't that crazy that he's so attatched to me?
musicgurl Posted - 23 April 2008 13:32
i don't really know your situation but maybe your father has a reason why he is so overprotective of you- maybe he didnt do these things when he was a teenager or he knows someone who got hurt when walking late at nite or was killed my a teen driver, and thats why he's so nervous. he loves you and wants to protect you. maybe it would help if you sat down with him and told him and these things are things you really want to do and you'll take precautions and he can restrict you in certain ways but not prohibit you from actually, for example, driving a car or soemthing like that.
hope this helps
FrumMe Posted - 21 September 2008 21:36
I actually can relate to you so much. My father is also really overprotective.. but mines alittle more: im not allowed to walk alone on saturdays when i dont have a phone. and if its far im not allowed during weekdays either. I always have to keep him updated on where i am with my friends, when, where am i going after that... i think you get the point. At first I got so annoyed but i just learned to deal with it and accept it. Think about it, your father just doing these actions to protect you. its all because he cares and loves you. You should feel pretty flattered that he loves you so much that he's extra protective.. and some parents dont care as much as yours do. and i thank Hashem that my parents are over protective.Hope this has helped you feel better.. Hatzlacha Raba!!
kewljew Posted - 28 September 2008 2:39
hey F-M st my father gets a lil overprotective and it get sme really mad but when i realize hes just doing it to protect me it helps alot!!!!
no-one613 Posted - 02 December 2008 23:20
i know exactly what you mean. Both my parents are extremely caring but also sufficatingly overprotective. I was never alowed to do anything that my friends were. I wasnt allowed out afterdark, i wasnt allowed out with friends without an adult...(im 16!!!!!) etc etc etc... every time i wanted to set foot out the door i would be interogated till i just gave up trying to go out at all!!!! however i completely agree with soulrebel... those are possibly the worst things you can do to parents like ours... trust me i tried them all!!!! it just makes them angry, upset and lost trust in you and it is just not worth it!!! one of my good friends realized that i was going mad at being "stuck" with such caring yet over protective parents and (with my permission) spoke to her father about it. he got intouch with me and with my parents...
thanx to him i am now allowed out not only with friends but till 10:30 on skool nites and 11:30 on nonskl nites without too much of an interrogation.... seriously... get an adult you trust and your parents trust to try come up with a compromise...
growinup Posted - 07 December 2008 22:00
woe tough call...about the driving etc sit down and talk it over,tell him how you feel in a respectable mature way,try to come up with a compromise.abt walking by yourself at night NO GIRL SHOULD EVER WALK ALONE AT NIGHT!we are living in a crazy world!don't set yourself up as a target chas v'shallom.
much luck!
zac Posted - 17 March 2009 23:31
ya i totally relate im 18 and i cant drive in the car with anyone under 21! and if i ever leave the house to go ANYWHERE its always with a huge interigation followed by a billion check up calls while im out and always when i get home my mom (da overprtective one) starts to scream at me and my dad defeinds me and they get into a whole fight for the next week so ya i totally understand you!!!!!!!
insane24/7 Posted - 25 March 2009 21:03
hey i can relate my father is pretty overprotective but he tries really hard to let me do the age-appropriate stuff i wanna do thank G-d. i think getting a trusted adult to talk to him is a great idea. i found that if there was something i really wanted to do, i would ask him and beg and it would turn into a whole family discussion and often a screaming fight, so i only pushed the point if it was something i really wanted to do very badly. otherwise, i tried to let it go. try not to sneak out, and be as honest as possible. my father lets me do things that would make him nervous only cuz he trusts me cuz i rarely give him reasons not to trust me. i know its tough but hang in there! and think about what youre learning as far as chinuch for your own kids-you'll love them a ton and if youre the nervous type, you'll probly feel the same way as your father does. but you'll also know there's certain things you should let your kids do even tho it makes you nervous. hatzlacha!
Burrito Posted - 01 April 2009 18:34
yeah me too i am 15 and my parents never let me spend the night at a friends house only family and i cant go out past like 8 or 9 i cant come home late my parents dont want me to drive i cant go to my garage cuz they think i am smoking pot if i dont come home from school they think i am doing drugs they always think there is drugs in my pocket if it looks full
josh1 Posted - 12 April 2009 19:48
They care so much about you!
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