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MODERATOR Posted - 10 November 2000 1:35
"Do not cook a kid in the milk of its mother" - Shemos 23.

Chazal tell us two important rules regarding this prohibition:

1) "Kid" in the Posuk is not meant exclusively, but rather to include the meat of any animal similar to a kid. Meaning, any animal that is a) Kosher, and b) Cattle ("Behamah" - as opposed to a wild animal, "Chaya," or fowl, "oaf". Behemos include cows, goats, and sheep. An example of a kosher "Chaya" is a deer) is included in the prohibition.

2) "Its mother" is also not meant literally, and includes the milk of any kosher Behamah ("cattle"). (Tur, Shulchan Aruch Y.D. 87)

Note: Even where the animal was not slaughtered properly, and is therefore not "kosher" for eating, as long as the animal was of a kosher species, the meat is included in the prohibition.

Question: Is every part if the animal included in the Torah's prohibition of Basar B'Cholov?

Answer: No. The following parts of the animal are not included in the Torah prohibition, although forbidden nonetheless by Rabbinic law: The hide, the veins, the hoofs, soft horns, bones that contain no marrow, and the afterbirth.
(Tur, Shulchan Aruch Y.D. 87)

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