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Anything about JUDAISM
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MODERATOR Posted - 10 November 2000 1:13
This forum will feature a new mini-lesson in Halachah each day.

PLEASE DO NOT POST COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS IN THIS FORUM. Rather, place all questions, comments, and discussion in the "Kashrus" forum in the Halachah section.

The reason for this is because we would like people to be able to read these Halachos at once without being interrupted by discussion.

So this forum will just be for my postings of the daily Halchah lesson. All comments should go under "Kashrus".


GoodyGo-d Posted - 06 January 2009 1:11
could you do that with shmiras halashon too please?
also- are you M or F??


MODERATOR Posted - 06 January 2009 16:10
Unfortunately, due to other obligations, the Halacha a day had to be discontinued. It may resume someday, I don't know


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