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laughingOUTloud Posted - 04 July 2008 15:06
When you hear about these Kashrus scandals, where there was treif found in a kosher restaurant, do the people who ate there get a cheit, even if there was a reliable hechsher?
Are you ok to eat in a restaurant that has a good hechsher, or do you have to worry that there is some problem?
MODERATOR Posted - 04 July 2008 15:18
It depends:

If the rabbi was found not to pasken properly, then there is a machlokes about that. See

my post of 7/23/2004

If the rbabi turned out to be right but the operations turned out to be fraudulent, meaning, someone did somethgin sneaky or negligent and fooled the rabbis, then:

Whoever ate there definitely receives what we call timtum halev - his neshoma gets "polluted" to whatever extent applicable by the treif food he ate. The treif food itself hurts you, even if you ate it unawares.

Beyond that, it depends:

If the peopel that the hechsher was relying on were halachicly qualified to rely on, then the person who ate is a shogeg.

If the people that the hecsher were relying on were not qualified to rely on in the firts place, then the person who ate there is a posheah, because the hechsher was in fact unreliable, to begin with.

Not every frum Jew is halachicly qualified to be a mashgiach. See Yorah Deah 119.

In short, if you had a right to rely on the hecsher and it turned out to be wrong, then you are a shogeg. But it is your responsibility to investigate a hechsher before you deem it reliable. the fact that it is "accepted" is not enough. If you want to cover yourself spiritually in case of a scandal, you have to do due dilligence and determine that the hechsher is reliable.

That having been said, anybody who relies on hechsheirim is taking a chance. I am not telling you not to rely on them. For the general public, they are necessary, and without them the kashrus situation would be a lot worse. But if you eat hecsheirim you should not expect anything but b'dieved standards and reliance on heterim that are far from universally accepted.

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