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iluvhashem2 Posted - 04 March 2008 23:24
Don't stare
Don't laugh
Don't talk
As if Iím nothing but thin air
Don't smirk
Over some joke
You said next to my ear
Canít you see Iím right here?
Why do you do these things?
They hurt me so
Why are you my foe?
To turn my friends against me
And stab me in the back
Cruel As that could be
Worse things youíve done to me
You drained my confidence
Every little bit
You took away
My courage that kept me fighting
And now I stand here, wounded slowly dying
I never felt so insecure
Until I met you
Looking frantically around
For where my next attacker might be found
You spread lies and rumors
Laced with wicked humor
But I don't fight back
I pray and cry my heart out
But to no avail
If this is what you wanted
You got your wish
To everyone you meet
You seem so innocent and sweet
So lovable and funny
But I know they truth
I know the real you
Sometimes I want to scream
And sometimes want to be mean
Sometimes I run and hide
And sometimes I cry
Sometimes I tell the whole story
And say Iím ok
But Iím never ok
Thereís a hole in my heart
But I donít give in to you
I show that I donít care and wonít suck up
I take in your nastiness with my chin up
On the outside I look cool and confident
Yet beneath the surface Iím crying
Iím confused and scared
I donít know who to trust anymore
But most of all Iím lonely
If you got your wish, then I want mine
To the next unfortunate girl
Who crosses crooked paths with YOU
Ill be a friend
And stick with her Ďtill the very end
cute1234 Posted - 23 March 2008 15:14
ilovehashem2- i have a friend who has a similar problem. a girl is very mean 2 her also. it took some time, but it eventually blew over. im sure it will be the same for you!! dont worry... Hashem still loves you, and so do i!!!Keep ignoring that nasty girl-itll all b over soon, iy"h!!!

- hey!! this is the frend cute waz telling u about and shes rite- things more or less blew over i just have 1 peice of advice: DONT RUN AWAY FROM UR PROBLEM GIRL that gives her the feeling that ur scared of her and she can continue 2 hurt u that way- dont worry and give it time it will pass
keep me posted

ummm Posted - 27 March 2008 20:11
why do you let her get to you? if she is willing to lower you in order to elevate herself it must be bc of her personal insecurity.
icecream Posted - 27 March 2008 20:11
omg that is how I'm feeling now...'friends' ignoring me but also talking behind my back. I just don't know what to is really hard
cute1234 Posted - 30 March 2008 19:31
first of all- i love your screen name!!!ice cream is my fav food!! secondly, obviously these ppl arnt real frends if thier treating u this way and u should find others but make sure 2 first give them the benifit of the doubt, they might be forced into it under pressure or something and didnt rly mean it. also if u keep running after "friends" that dont rly want u it might lead 2 even more things said abt u behind ur back- so if this has been going on 4 a while consider new frends- spend time ppl u never even thought of b4 as a friend; u never no who ull end up liking-
b strong- this is a test from hashem-remember not 2 say anything ull regret later
icecream Posted - 09 April 2008 16:12
cute-thank you for your advice. I am with them only (and goyim) for many hours each day. I have no other frum people around and we stick together. I can't avoid them-I have to have it worked out. B'h over the last bit, I straightened a bit of it out but I am afraid that it will never be the same as the beginning.
LL3 Posted - 22 April 2008 23:17
iluvhashem- that was amazing ...i am really ad for you you deserve a better and stay strong , i hope things get better!
haveagreatday Posted - 08 February 2009 18:52
Iluvhashem2 -- your poem is amazing -- it made me cry -- I really feel for you. I watch people get hurt like that and you really made your point clear. May Hashem give you the ability to build relationships with real friends who will support you!

songbird Posted - 23 February 2009 21:59
Wowwwwwwwwww!!! That poem hit me in a really deep spot! I honestly TRULY feel you - I was in such a situation a couple of years ago ... You really just have to look inside yourself and find that strength you have. It sounds vague and hard, but if you think about it, and really try, you'll feel the difference. People in life will be mean and you can't let it get to you - they're SO not worth your time or energy!!! Focus on your positive qualities and spend time with people who appreciate you and make you feel good about yourself. Best of luck! Thinking of you!!!
LostSoul66 Posted - 25 March 2009 21:03
wow!! that poem was AMAZING!!! ok so obviously, that girl doesnt exactly get along great with u, to say the least. it might be because of her insecurities, envy of u, or low self esteem. (maybe u can recommend frumteens to her lol) but wateva the reason is, the one thing to remember is: dont let it bother u. is that grl wants to get u annoyed, then showing her that it has no effect on u will eventually tell her she is wasting ur time. show her u have the confidence she is lacking, the self respect she needs to gain, n just back away. get involved in hobbies or things that will take ur mind off her taunting u. or if u r brave enough...confront the girl. tell her that how she is acting is wrtong, n that e/t will just clear over if u r just friends, or at least not enemies. Lots o' luck!! :-)
mitzvahdolly922 Posted - 27 April 2009 20:37
e/o always remember hashem loves u like crazy!!!!!!!!!!


JewishAndProud! Posted - 27 October 2009 19:07
Thanks, Mitzvahdolly:)

The user name says it all...

jewishgal15 Posted - 12 May 2010 15:37
no the feeling...
these girls at school i try to b friends with and all they do is shove in my face the fact that they dont want to be my frend and talk about me behind my bac but obviously and use me!!!! aaaaaaaghhh and they pretend to be so nice!!!

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