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sandythedog Posted - 05 March 2008 22:16
I've had this question before. When something happens, such as an opportunity to date someone, or to go to an event, do you take advantage, and go out(assuming it's k'dai), or are u supposed to learn from the experience, and not act on it?? Is hashkafa pratus about learning, or acting??
MODERATOR Posted - 06 March 2008 0:41
You can't necessarily learn from the apparent hashgacha itself if it's Min Shamayim or the yetzer harah. Sometimes, not always, you can feel the yetzer hara at such a point urging you that it's the right thing. Most people feel that more than the yetzer tov, that's how we grow. We cannot base decisions of right or wrong based on what seems to be hasgocha pratis, becuase "In the way a man wishes to go, he is led". So you should make sure it's halachically and hashkafically permittted, and maybe you'll be able to witness the hoshgacha pratis enabling you to do it. But not to make decisions based on it, we are not on the level of receiving messages from Hashem like that.

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