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abcdefghijklmnop Posted - 24 February 2008 23:49
I really dont understand the Rashi in Shemot, Perek 2 Pusuk 9. I understand the context, but how does it fit into the pusuk? Whos prophecy? What did she prophecize? What does this have to do with the pusuk??

I'd really appreciate it if someone would help me out. Thanks so much. :)

MODERATOR Posted - 25 February 2008 0:01
It doesn't mean a prophecy in the way it's usually thought of, that is, as being shownn the future. Rathe, Bas-Paroh had a nevuah, without realizing it, that Moshe was Yocheved's son. That's why she said heilichi, sort of a portmaneu of hei shelichi, here is what's yours. Putting two words together is, of course, normal in hebrew grammar. The more usual and simpler phrase would be kach or kchi, which would simply mean take.
abcdefghijklmnop Posted - 29 February 2008 2:35
Okay thanks so much that really helped! :)

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