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MODERATOR Posted - 05 September 2002 22:18
emmess Posted - 04 December 2000 19:07
After learning by myself during the day, I sometimes like to discuss what I've learn with someone else.... are you familiar with simanim 242-247 O.C? Sometimes I just like to straighten out my thoughts by repeating a summary of what I've learnt to someone, if you have time....

MODERATOR Posted - 04 December 2000 19:07
Not a problem.
emmess Posted - 06 December 2000 18:22
well, here is a short summary of some halachos in siman 243 to see if i've got it clear or not:

Field - to make the goy an "aris" is mutar
- to rent the field to him is mutar
- to hire a goy for a set salary for a
year or so - Rosh says mutar
- Rambam says assur
Achronim seem to paskin
like the Rambam, unless
there is hefsed merubad

Bathhouse - to make an aris - tosfos bshem R"M is oser
- Rosh is matir if everyone knows the normal way is to make an aris
- Rambam accordin to Rav Shlomo Kluger is matir no matter what

- renting one is only mutar is everyone knows that the derech is to make arisim

- hiring a goy to take care of it with a set salary per year - Bach explains Rosh that it is mutar if the derech is to make an aris, Chasam Sofer says it needs to be b'havla'ah too, as opposed to hiring a goy just for shabbos

- Mahari Abuhav explains Rosh that it's assur

- Rambam is oser

These are the things I wanted to clear up. If I missed anything or got something wrong, please let me know.

meyoz Posted - 29 October 2003 20:53
The basic ides is that in the time of the Gemara (and after) it was the custom to have an Oris for a field, but by a mill,bath-house and Tannur it was the custom to hire a worker.
Therefore by a mill,bath-house and Tannur that a non-jew is an Oris the Chachomim forbade it because of Maris-Ayin (that people will say he was hired by the Jew which is Ossur).
By the way if you would learn this Simman in Shulchan Oruch Harav you would benefit greatly.

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