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Anything about JUDAISM
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MODERATOR Posted - 05 September 2002 22:17
This forum was emmess's idea - I said in the Torah Learning I forum (previosuly called Torah Learning, without the "I") that answering iyun Q's on specific learning topics takes time that I have to give to the Hashkafa and Halachah topics that this site was primarily designed for. Emmess suggested, then, that to have a forum where users can discuss iyun learning topics with others. Here it is.

I moved two such iyun topics here, from Torah Learning I.

Please keep this forum to things that are not halachah l'maaseh (we have other forums for that), and not hashkafa-oriented.

Truth Seeker Posted - 24 February 2003 23:28
I agree that priority should go to halacha l'maaseh and hashkafa and also general guidance, especially sensitive topics that people would likely not be comfortable asking without the annonymity provided by this site.

I am also extremely grateful that the moderator has given a great deal of his time in covering issues related to Zionism. While it's true most people wouldn't be embarrassed to ask about this openly, the fact is that it can be difficult to find people like the moderator who still know and tell the truth about this topic. Tragically, even in the best kehilos, many people have, in effect , to one degree or another , been led astray by Zionist propaganda and the powerful lure of this nisayon. Even in Satmar, you will find some closet Zionists among the lower elements.

There are plenty of other venues for getting answers to non-sensitive and controversial questions and "talking in learning"

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