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FS613 Posted - 22 January 2008 0:11
I am confused by the 2 different terms,

Alos Hashachar and Hanetz Hachama.

After which one is a woman allowed to daven Shacharis?

Thank you.

neshama Posted - 22 January 2008 0:37
Alos Hashachar is the crack of dawn.
Netz Hachama is sunrise.
Alos hashachar is 72 minutes before Netz.

Shmoneh esrei
One may daven shmoneh esrei from 1/2 hour before Netz, but it's a b'dieved. It's called in halacha misheyakeer- meaning when you can recognize s/o u havent seen in a while from 4 amos away (based on the amount of lite there is).
The reason for this is for the poalim- the workers- who hafta leave very early to get to work on time.

L'chatchila, shmoneh esrei should be said starting at Netz, up to 4 hours after that.

L'chatchila it should be said at Netz. That's the best time to say it. But it can also be said up to 3 hours after.

Bircas Hashachar

From Alos Hashachar til Shkias hachama. But be careful when saying this late in the day; Elokai neshama may not be said if you davened the amidah because m'chaye meisim took care of that already. Also, you may not say bircas HaTorah if you said Ahava rabba/ahavas olam.

Bircas Krias Sh'ma[b]
May only be said from Netz til 3 hours after that.

This is the basic tefilla schedule outline. Was I clear enough?

silvertini Posted - 05 December 2010 19:43
How early can one eat something in the morning? What needs to be said first? When can bread be eaten? Thanks.
taon Posted - 10 December 2010 0:18
One can't eat a meal (a kebeitza of certain mezonos foods, im not sure which) half an hour before dawn until after davening (certain drinks, including water, are exceptions, and there are certain cases where eating is okay). Davening should be in the order in siddurim: birchas hashachar, pesukei dzimra, shema, shemone esrei, etc
Hu hakol yachol Posted - 13 December 2010 23:26
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