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brachos Posted - 21 January 2008 17:40
What exactly is the correct protocol for a kosher oven? As far as milk and meat are concerned, I mean. Do you need separate ovens? Do you wait time in between? Do you cover things? I don't know what my friends do, and I'm not sure if we're using the ovens in our house incorrectly. If I find out something different, I can tell my parents.
neshama Posted - 21 January 2008 18:08
You do not hafta have 2 sep ovens.
Make sure its spotlessly clean and bake e/t with a double covering.
brachos Posted - 21 January 2008 18:30
So, if we just have one oven, EVERYTHING must be double wrapped?
depressedAngel Posted - 22 January 2008 14:37
if youre baking dry things then they dont need to be covered and you can bake milchigs right after fleishigs as long as the oven is clean. when it comes to liquid things then at least one needs to be wrapped so if you letsay make your oven fleishigs you can cook fleishigs without covering but anything milchigs that produces steam must be covered

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