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Qs Posted - 05 July 2002 6:47
I have a question... What if I bought new clothes before the three weeks began, but I never had a chance to wear them? Am I allowed to wear them now?
Also, is one allowed to buy clothes during the three weeks?

Thank you!

MODERATOR Posted - 05 July 2002 6:55
Yes. It's only the 9 days when you cannot wear new clothes (but you can buy them anyway).
lez Posted - 07 July 2002 22:16
what do you mean by: you can buy them anyway? In the 9 days??
MODERATOR Posted - 07 July 2002 22:18
No, no. I see what I wrote was indeed confusing. So heres the summary:

In the three weks you can buy any clothing you want, and wear any clothing you want - be it new, old, freshly cleaned or whatever.

In the nine days you may not wear new clothing (freshly cleaned clothing is considered new in thei respect) regardless of when they were purchased, and you may not purchase new clothing regardless of whether you will wear them in the nine days.

Qs Posted - 07 July 2002 23:00
<Yes. It's only the 9 days when you cannot wear new clothes (but you can buy them anyway).>

So, I may buy new clothes even during the nine days (if I do not wear them)?
Can I please have a source for this? Thank you!

Also, is one allowed to give gifts during the three weeks/nine days?

MODERATOR Posted - 07 July 2002 23:01
Please see above about the clothes.

You may givep resents on the 9 days - only on Tisha Bav itself it is assur to givep resents (Magen Avrohom 554:21), unless the recipient is poor, and it would qualify as Tzadakah.

what2do? Posted - 07 July 2002 23:36
i heard that u can step on ure new clothes and then u are permitted to wear them. is that right?
lez Posted - 11 July 2002 0:51
Is it true, that I can buy new clothes in the 9 days if it's on sale and I might not find them afterwards anymore?? Thank You for answering!
MODERATOR Posted - 11 July 2002 0:52
No, that works for Chol haMoed, not the 9 days.
Qs Posted - 11 July 2002 21:13
One may not wear freshly laundered clothing during the nine days, correct? So, if I take some of my clothes in the morning, and then put them on the floor and step on them, then it would be okay to wear them, because they are no longer "freshly" laundered, right?

CC613 Posted - 11 July 2002 21:13
Mod- about what you said that its only for chol hamoed that you can buy new clothes if they are on sale and will go up in a higher price after the nine days- you sed its not allowed. Is it possible there are other opinions that say it is? I mean I know the Sefer HaToda'a is not a main halachic source but doesn't he say you Can buy (and not wear) if the price will go up if you dont buy it now? And I think I remember hearing that opinon other places and from other ppl too. . .
MODERATOR Posted - 11 July 2002 21:29

That will work if the article of clothing is stamped around to the point where it would nto be considered "fresh" anymore. but it is only a last resort, if you have nothign else to wear.


There may be, but I dont know of any source that a sale entitles you to buy new clothing on the nine days. If you can find a source for it please let me know.

nree613 Posted - 16 July 2002 20:48
The Ben-Ish_Chai on Parshas Devorim clearly states that if the price of the item will go up it is permissible to buy in the nine days.
MODERATOR Posted - 16 July 2002 20:49
Please see the Sefer Nitei Gavriel on Laws of the Nine Days, where he shows that that is not the proper reading of that Ben Ish Chai.
MODERATOR Posted - 16 July 2002 21:04
Correction, the Kaf HaChaim, not the Ben Ish Chai, in Nitei Gavriel.

222 Posted - 18 July 2002 5:03
"The Book of our Heritage"
page 112 states "If there is fear the price may rise after the 9 days one may purchase whatever clothing he wishes provided he does not wear them."
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