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sarchie Posted - 18 October 2000 19:17
I dont understand why you are not allowed to brush your teeth on shabbos if you prepare the toothpaste b4 hand... if it is bc there is a chance that your gums might bleed, how many times does that happen?? it doesnt happen to me very often. and if the answer is "bc there is a CHANCE that it might happen and you shouldnt risk it" then how come you are able to make a salad on shabbos if there is a 'chance' that you might cut your finger? what is so wrong with brushing your teeth?
MODERATOR Posted - 18 October 2000 19:24
From Igros Moshe OH I,112:

Brushing your teeth with toothpaste on Shabbos is prohibited under the Melachah of "memachek" ("scraping" or "destoying"). Without toothpaste it is permitted. It is good not to rinse the brush either before the brushing (which may then invovle "sechitah", "wringing out") or after the brushing (which would invovle "hachanah", preperation for the next time you brush, which would be on the weekday).

Frum613 Posted - 21 October 2000 0:02
What about flossing one's teeth on shabbos? is it permitted?
MODERATOR Posted - 23 October 2000 7:24
If (a) you cut the pieces of floss before Shabbos, and (b) it is not definite that your gums will bleed, then it is permitted.

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Frum613 Posted - 23 October 2000 8:16
Frum613 Posted - 23 October 2000 20:25
Thanx. I don't mean to question you but can I just have the source of that in case someone asks me.
MODERATOR Posted - 23 October 2000 20:29
There's nothing wrong with questioning.

If your gums will definitely bleed, it becomes what we call a "psik reisha", meaning, a perhaps unintended but inevitable result of your actions, in this case "netilas neshoma", which is the prohibition of drawing blood.

In the absence of that, there is no possible prihibition left in Hilchos Shabbos for flossing to come under.

sarchie Posted - 23 October 2000 21:39
if you cant brush your teeth bc of the milacha of scraping and destroying, then why are you allowed to clean dishes with a sponge or something...arent you doing the same thing?
also, does that milacha apply to retainers also
MODERATOR Posted - 23 October 2000 21:42
It's the toothpaste that comes under the catagory of "scraping". That doesn't apply to your pots.

With toothpaste, the same thing applies to retainers.

atyasgaz Posted - 23 October 2000 22:54
u cant use toothpaste but u can put mouthwash on a tooth brush and brush ur teeth with it - prob the closest ull get 2 really brushing ur teeth on shabbos.
Jewess7 Posted - 12 March 2002 2:18
There is something called tooth-gel. It's not a paste so u can't be over the halacha of not shmearing. If u know that u don't have gums that are prone to bleed than u can brush your teeth w/ gel.

FlippedOutFish Posted - 16 July 2007 4:04
What if you brush your teeth but with the shabbos toothpaste the liquid one! its liquid or with mouthwash by putting irt on your brush ?
get high Posted - 09 February 2010 23:36
for the sfardim out there...rav ovadya along with many other sfardi poskim hold that your allowed to brush your teeth on shabbas using regular toothpaste...just make sure you dont bleed.

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