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Forlorn Posted - 18 December 2007 2:02
I recently read some really scary stuff about gehenim and it has certainly instilled yirah in me, which i realzie now that i have totally been missing, like now im afraid to do aveirahs and stuff but i also find it harder to daven and feel ahavas Hashem, i used to think of Hashem as like a loving father who forgives and jsut wants the best for me, and I know that He is still that but now I think of how strict He is in shamayim and how awful the punishments are the He gives do i reconcile the two?
Matisyohu28 Posted - 18 December 2007 2:49
hashem does not punish us to get back at us, or to wreak vengeance for violating the torah. he does it for our own good. gehinnom is for your own good - it takes away the layers of aveiros that we have accumulated on our neshomas and purifies them. hashem's punishment is scary, yes. However the reward for mitzvos is greater than the punishment for aveiros - that deos not mean that you will not be punished, but it does mean that you dont have to be depressed over it. indeed, being depressed itself is against the ratzon of hashem, so a part of not worrying about punishment is doing your best to avoid it by not doing aveiros. dont let your yatzer hara make you sad about it though - fear of hashem is good, hating or resenting hashem cv's for judging us, is not.

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Forlorn Posted - 18 December 2007 3:19
but how do you feel like its ok jsut take on a little at a time, Hashem is patient, etc when if your only saying bracha rishonas cuz thats "where you are up to" your gonna get punished for not saying bracha achronas and i cant all of a sudden not do a single aveira so how do i not think like ok im for sure going to have those awful punishments so whats the point?

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