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Anything about JUDAISM
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asher Posted - 27 November 2007 14:48
i have posted this questions four times (or more) and it never got on is there something wrong with it?
what is difference between pas akum and bishul akim?
grafix Posted - 27 November 2007 19:12
Pas akum is something which is baked by a non-jew.
Bishul akum is something which is cooked by a non-jew.
asher Posted - 30 November 2007 13:59
thanks but what falls under the category of pas and is there a difference in din?
depressedAngel Posted - 02 December 2007 22:00
there are major diffs. get r force's hilchos kashrus. its really easy hebrew and goies thru all the halachos
shueyj1 Posted - 28 August 2008 14:51
does anybody know anything about not making milchig bread?

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