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former by girl Posted - 30 May 2002 22:02
heres the storey rabbi moderator, i find myself really attracted to this rabbi in my community.. hes not married or nething and hes only about 30 or so, but the problem is im only 18 and my parents wud absolutely flip out if i ever said i wuz interested in him but i think we coud make a beautiful family and im scared that he might be my bashert and if i dont do nething now ill never get my bashert, so what shud i do? shud i ignore my parents or talk to them about it or what? also i think hes interested in me 2 so please tell me wut to do.
MODERATOR Posted - 30 May 2002 22:10
I dont see what the problem is. Is it his age that your parents object to? If so, they can be spoken to. And, more importantly, what is the rabbi's position on this? Does he have a clue?

Btw, dont worry so much about him being your bashert. Maybe, maybe not. But just cuz you like a guy doesnt make him your bashert.

In any case, we need more info to figure out the best way to go, here.

sandythedog Posted - 26 October 2007 18:48
this is what i can tell u:
1)u are in different places in life, he's working, ur at home and in school, so u might not 'get/chap' eachother
2)is it a crush?? do u really think the two of u could make a beautiful home? consider him as a person, not a face. Pretend u are simply looking at his shidduch profile, with no pic, would u want to date him/marry him? would he want to date u?
I've had a simular issue..I went out with someone abt 6 yrs older than me, and we weren't compatible bc of it...Also,I liked someone because of his face..maybe personality slightly, and as my friend put it 'I need to put it into shidduchim terms'... and in the end, he probably wouldn't be right for me...or me for him...hopefully this is helpful...

emuna821 Posted - 12 September 2010 23:30
I know exactly what your feeling. I also liked a rabbi once. He is so responsible ans sweet and would make a good husband. My parents even thought he would be a good husband for me. He is 35 and he is not married. I was liked him too much and I got ahead of myself. But I dont know, maybe think about your future....

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