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former by girl Posted - 29 May 2002 21:16
what is the story with going to camp in the summer? My parents are BT's and they insist i go to a camp this summer - I said ok, how about sternberg and they went nuts - they dont want me to go to a girls only camp, they think i should go to a 'normal' mixed camp, so my question is what should i do?
MODERATOR Posted - 29 May 2002 22:13
You should insist on going to a girls only camp. If they still persist, get your school invovled.
MODERATOR Posted - 30 May 2002 3:05
PS - You can also ask rabbi Ronnie Greenwald to speak to your parents. He can explain to them what Camp Sternberg is all about.
CC613 Posted - 31 May 2002 8:45
IT seems the moderator knows what he's talking about- but as someone with experience in this problem let me just but in- do NOT "insist" to be sent to an all girls camp. Try to sit down and have a conversation with them laying down your reasons why you personally do not feel comfortable going to a co-ed camp- and then explain to them or ask them to call the person in charge of sternberg explaining how sternberg is also a "real camp"- and it's alot of fun. Also, sternberg is not the only good camp for a frum girl in the world- is it specifically sternberg they are against? if so, I could recomend some really good other girls camps too.
blonde4ever Posted - 17 June 2002 0:24
hi, i live in a small city in eatern america. i have a friend who lives way down south, in a smalled city then me with no mroe than 50 frum families. She came to board a couple of years ago and over the years we became really really close. Previous years I have asked my parents if I could go there answer was always no but this year they said yes. i was very happy. i think i forgot to mention but where i live talking to boys is wrong and only the "drug addicts" do it. the place where my friend is from it is totally okay. i figured that when i went id talk to boys even though here i would never dream of it (unless to my neighbors). well anyway oi was talkin to one of my boy neighbors who knows how against i am abt talkin to boys. he asked me if i would there and i said yes. all the sudden he looked me straight in the eye and said "SO ONCE YOU LEAVE THIS CITY YOU'LL FORGET EVERYTHING U BELIEVE IN?" now i dont know what to do im goin this august in a little more than a month and im so confused. what should i do?
MODERATOR Posted - 17 June 2002 0:59
Is the boy right? Will you just violate - never mind what you believe in - what the Torah believes in - if you go there?

If so, you shouldnt go.

IJustDontKnow Posted - 06 October 2008 20:37
I have thank G-d and my parents spent seven years at Sternberg. I realize that the first post here is over five years old and that the original post-er has no doubt gone on with her life but I feel obligated to tell anyone else who reads this that


Now, it may not be for everyone, but they try their hardest to make it so. It is extremely welcoming to girls of all backgrounds, including its own program for girls coming from public school, and knowing many of the head staff personally I can tell you that every one of them is personally committed to giving each girl the best experience she can have - and having her give herself that. I would especially recommend the Pioneer program [girls coming out of seventh and eighth grades], because it is particularly devoted to 'building up' girls in this very transitional period of their lives. So if you are reading this, please check it out. It gave me the best summers of my life, both as a camper and as staff.

See you there!

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