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im_trying Posted - 25 November 2007 0:03
I wonder if someone can help me. I know that the laws about wine were instituted by the Rabbis to prevent Jewish and non-Jewish people from mixing and intermarrying. If you have no kosher wine or Challa to make Kiddush on can you use a wine that isnt supervised but say is suitable for vegetarians? Or is it better not to make Kiddush at all?


MODERATOR Posted - 25 November 2007 0:24
Please email me at frumteens1{at}yahoo dot com.

The halachos of having a non-frum Jew over are complex and often vary dependng on the people involved. It is probably best to refer to a local Rav who knows the details of each situation for this (I assume you'd rather not share such personal information on a public forum).

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