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HatzlachaRabah Posted - 05 May 2002 23:47
Hmmm.... this forum seems to have been inactive for a while.

This last Shabbos I was part of a very long discussion about Bechira/Free Will. I understood and agreed with most of it except for to things:

1) I was led to understand that according to the Rambam, everything that is supposeed to happen, will happen. so i dont understand that at all. what are we suppossed to do, run into the middle of the street, and oh, if we are supposed to live, no car will hit us?

2) I was to shy to bring this up in the disccussion that i had on Shabbos, but ill bring it up here. I just wasnted to know if this is correct:

We have to choices on Sunday; A and B. Hashem knows on Friday that we are going to pick B. THen you can say that we dont have a choice, because on Friday Hashem knew that we would pick B, so we cant pick A on Sundya if on Friday we already "picked" B. THink of it this way: Hashem's knowledge extends through time and space. Let us say that on Friday, Hashem "transported" to Tuesday. on Tuesday, it was known that you picked B, so therefore, being that Hashem is evereywhere at once, on Friday it is known that you picked B. If you just substitue Tuesday for Friday then it makes perfect sense, no?

^^^^^Just wanted to know if that was accurate.

<Hatzlacha Rabah>

MODERATOR Posted - 06 May 2002 2:23
1) If you violate the Mitzvah of V'Nihsmartem, by putting yourself in a sakanah, thep unishment is, you can get hurt. So you did that to yourself with your Bechirah, and Bechirah is not pre-determined.

2) 100% correct.

HatzlachaRabah Posted - 06 May 2002 21:47
thank you very much for clarifing #1 and verifing #2.

have a shavua tov,


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