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wrinkly Posted - 10 September 2007 3:22
Can someone give us an outline of Rabbi Mechanic's standard presentation (or whatever)? I've never heard him speak. And the link to someone's notes (which is no longer working) has made me awfully curious.
chvshlvvs Posted - 18 September 2007 20:36


Rabbi Daniel Mechanic has held various teaching and administrative positions in the United States and Israel, including Director of Aish Hatorah/Discovery. In addition to being a senior international lecturer for Discovery, <<<Rabbi Mechanic is now the Executive Director of Project Charon.>>>>

Project Chazon's staff presents comprehensive Hashkafah seminars on the Yesodei HaEmunah to Yeshiva and Bais Yaakov high school students throughout the United States and Canada. To date, over 1000 programs have been presented to 86,000 students in 191 schools.

Ordained at Yeshiva Torah Vodaath, Rabbi Mechanic resides in Brooklyn with his wife and five children.

Check out the site heres the link

panimyafos Posted - 18 September 2007 22:14
Mishpacha magazine has been putting out a chessed suplement every year at around Rosh HaShana time (listen to me, "every year" - this year and last, anyway ;). Last year's had a whole write-up on Project Chazon. You could see if you could get a copy... Or maybe it's on their website?
Yachad_Balev_Sheli Posted - 14 October 2007 15:10
Well I dont have an outline but I know him and his daughter very well.
His speeches are straightforward and if you have a question a little off topic ask him at the end.
froogoo Posted - 14 October 2007 18:59
The outline of his speech he gave to my year was how Judiasm is the true religion. It was given in front of millions of witnesses directly from the source. All the other religions, mainly Islam and Christianity were born when 'god' appeared to one man and put him his messenger on this world to help the people. Entire religions are created when one single person claims that god appeared to them and put them in charge. He says how you can outsmart every single one of them and they can never answer all the questions abou their religion. That is just the outline and he goes around the world giving speeches. I dont know if its the same one but maybe...
He is a really really charismatic speaker, really funny and can connect with his audience. Worth listening to if you ever get the chance....
haveagreatday Posted - 02 February 2009 17:19
I just heard him speak a few weeks ago and he's an amazing speaker who really knows what he's talking about. He is a very entertaining speaker as well, so if you ever have a chance to listen to him speak, you should, and I highly doubt you'll be at all bored.

Don't forget to smile!

masecha Posted - 12 May 2010 15:37
he's an amazing speaker! i guess i was a little disappointed though- he speaks to the juniors and seniors so he gives two speeches and switches off every year. this years he did the whole kashrus proof, but we had just done it in class so it wasn't as like whoa!, if u know wat i mean. though we did go deeper and he clarified it a lot more, wasn't the way i had hoped it would b. that's not to say it wasn't amazing. it was beyond words! oh, so my friend has a q, and i had the same one, but he ended up talking to her privately so i didn't get his answer. she told me what he said, which was read R' Aryeh Kaplan's books, but both of us already have. so, even though this q has probably been asked somewhere on here before, i'm going ask again cuz i'm not finding it.
how do we know taht Hashem isn't just setting us up for failure? why don't we assume that He c"v wants us to go to hell?
i believe that He is kulo tov, i just wanna know why
taon Posted - 31 May 2010 22:39
First of all, why would He?

Second, things don't even seem so bad as to assume an evil creator c"v

Third, if that were so, it would be much harder to succeed. We wouldn't get divine assistance, there wouldn't be so many mitzvos we could do, prohibitions would be impossible, etc.

questions? go here:

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