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MODERATOR Posted - 09 September 2007 14:13
Divre Torah relating to Chag HaSuccos go here.
satinsword13 Posted - 10 September 2007 16:15
i might have posted this somewhere else, but here it is again:

the schach of a sukkah should block out the sun, and also allow you to see through to the stars. we knwo that the sun is just a star, and there are stars that are brighter than the sun!
so why is our sun the sun? because it's closer, and those stars, are strongwer and hotter, but further away. the point of sukkos is to be able to block out the pleasure that is closer and place as yuor goal the pleasure that's further away.
that is all of life

panimyafos Posted - 26 September 2007 14:54
I like it, Satin! Thanks.

Just three thoughts I heard from a wonderful, amazing teacher of mine...

~ Think about the fact that the Ushpizin are coming to visit. The Avos, our leaders - great people! - are sitting there in your succah!!! (She said that she remembers when she was little "yelling" at some people - "how can you talk like that to each other in the succah?! Avraham Avinu is here!") And their kochos (strengths) are there too, and strong - Avraham Avinu is chessed, Yitzchak Avinu - gevura, etc, etc.

~ (This one I heard from two of my teachers - both great!) The lulav can look like a sword or a spear, and the esrog like a shield. We should remember that we just "fought our battle" on Rosh HaShanna and Yom Kippur, and when we shake the Arba Minim, it's almost as if we're (the mitzvah is really for men... ;) doing a victory dance - we came out triumphant!

~ Question on Simchas Torah: Why do we have this Yom Tov by Succos? Why don't we have it around Shavous time?

Mashal: There once was a king, and a daughter was born to him. The king wanted this princess to grow up to become, well, basically - the best. Refined, dignified, untainted by vulgar things, and yet, at the same time, not haughty. Educated, graceful -- to reach her full potential.
He sent her away to an island, where she had the best of everything, and tutors for all areas of life.
The time came, as it will, for this princess to get married. And the king made a proclomation throughout his kingdom, that whoever wanted his daughter's hand in marriage should come forward. But you know how people are... Everyone thought, "if he's sent her away, and she's been so hidden, there must be something terribly wrong with her - maybe she's deformed! Maybe she's just really stupid!" And no one came forward. And the king continued making the proclomation.
There was a poor boy in a village who heard of this offer and he thought to himself "hey - what do I have to lose? So, maybe my marriage won't be the best. But look at what I have to gain - food every day! Wealth! One day, I'll even become king. It's worth it." And so, he came to the king, and said "Your Majesty, would you be so kind as to grant me the honor of your daughter's hand in marriage?" The king looked the poor man up and down, and says "ok - for whoever wants my daughter, that is who she should be given to."
And so the wedding is made - the man sees the princess, and thinks "well, she sure is beautiful! Maybe she's just really slow..." But then, they sit down to talk (they didn't meet each other until the night of the wedding, right? ;), and really - she's so refined, so quick, so bright, etc...
And, as time goes on, his appreciation for the princess grows and grows, as he gets to know her, and appreciate what he's really gotten. And finally, at the end of six months, he goes back to his father-in-law, the king and thanks him - but fully this time. Now is when he truly realizes just how precious and beautiful is the gift that he received...

Nimshal: Hashem had the Torah, such a priceless treasure, that He wanted to give to somebody. But the other nations wouldn't take it - "it must contain bad things!" they said. "What? We can't kill/steal/lie? We don't want Your Torah!"
And then Bnei Yisroel said "We'll take the Torah!" And there was Matan Torah - the "wedding." We'd never met before... "Na'aseh V'nishmah." But as we got to know our gift, our gem, we realized more and more what we'd really gotten. And so, now, six months after Matan Torah, we come back to our father, the Melech Malchei Ha'melachim, to thank Him again for His gift - but this time we come with full realization of the wonder He bestowed upon us.

Have a chag sameach, everyone! I really hope you enjoy - make the most of it!

wannabe Posted - 26 September 2007 16:39
beautiful panim. thanks so much.
MODERATOR Posted - 10 October 2008 17:10
Moving this back up.
green Posted - 13 October 2009 15:39
Panim, that is one of my favorite ideas, and it makes me tear up every time I say or read it. Thanks for posting it!

emoticon Posted - 12 September 2010 23:16
Does anyone know a source for the d'var Torah quoted above-- the sun and the stars?

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