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Anything about JUDAISM
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mimiflatbush Posted - 04 September 2007 23:04
I have a girlfriend at Meor Hatorah and she told me that they have just moved onto a street in Har Nof with 4 yeshivas on it! Her dad is really freaked out because some of the boys from one of them tried to get into the dorm last night. she said they might not be staying there since everyone's mad about it. is this true?
seven Posted - 05 September 2007 0:47
well msot igrls from MH are from coed schools so i dont think they care??
mimiflatbush Posted - 06 September 2007 22:18
i heard that some of the girls are freaked and some think it's really cool to have some many guys around -- but my parents don't, they said if it's true they don't want me there
neshama Posted - 07 September 2007 0:44
your parents dont want u in MH?
I imagine thats a good thing, since, um, you'd be quite outnumbered and a bit out of place.
<> Posted - 03 October 2007 20:08
I think 'girlfriend' in this context refers to a friend thats a girl and that mimiflatbush is also a girl

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