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Anything about JUDAISM
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leftys rule Posted - 17 July 2007 0:50
Today, I called a company during my bunk's shiur break and they put me on hold for 25 minutes listening to a very beaty tune. I didn't hang up, but was I suppose to?
taon Posted - 17 July 2007 1:01
I recall the Moderator saying background music should just be ignored. You could try 1 turning the volume on the phone down so the music couldnt be heard 2 putting the phone down or on speaker, then move somewhere where you can hear voices but not the music. or you could hang up and try again. were you able to get through, or will you have to go through this again? provided that it's somethign you can do now that the nine days started, it would be best to prepare beforhand. basically blocking out the sound, i guess. anyone knowm a way to do that?
shteiger613 Posted - 12 October 2009 14:55
leftys rule,
i just learnd about this, if i'm not mistaken as long as you dont care, enjoy and dont pay attention to it you dont have to hang up

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