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BenZvi Posted - 22 February 2002 3:44
Most haredi authorities have said that the Internet is ussur, except for carefully delimited business purposes. But here we are, adults and teenagers, browsing the Web, just a mouse click away from hard-core pornography. How can you justify your existence as Moderator of this web site? Sure, you can say the benefits far outweigh the dangers, and I heartily agree. But aren't you sounding like the "Modern Orthodox" by disregarding the haredi poskim?
e Posted - 27 February 2002 9:20
maybe the answer is that all these ppl have internet already right. so why not make that a good thing and give them torah from it.
and not other bad stuff.
MODERATOR Posted - 27 February 2002 9:27
Yes, thats obviously true. But I think his question is about me having the Internet. The answer is, if having the Internet is justified for me to make some money, all the more so to do some Mitzvos with.

The point of the prohibition is that the Internet is dangerous. Thats obviously true. But if you need it for a legitimate utilitarian purpose, nobody is telling you that you cant take the risk. Its like climbing a steep ladder. Its dangerous, but if thats your job, you do it.

This is my job. If I choose not to make money from it, that doesnt make it any less important.

yideleh Posted - 28 February 2002 22:04
about what the mod said: taking risks to do your job, you might want to read this:
HappyWithLife Posted - 27 September 2002 23:22
Okay--that's your reason Moderator. What about the rest of us?
MODERATOR Posted - 27 September 2002 23:33
Everyone has their own personal sheailah here, and its very simple: Do I need the Internet? Do I need to take the risks invovled? There has to be a very good reason for having it, and even those who prohibited it say that for business it is OK. I would surely say that the majority of people do not need it, even if it does some good for them. You should ask yourself the following Q:

Are the dangers of me NOT having thr Internet worse than having it.

For someone who needs it to make a living, the answer is unfortunately yes - he cant not make a living. And there are those - you can see them on the site - who literally would be off the derech without it. Everyone has a personal sheailah about this, and the assessment needs to be made on an individual basis.

Truth Seeker Posted - 03 March 2003 2:45
Why don't you use and suggest that others use the JNet- filtered ISP run by frum Jews.

If one is going to use the internet, this is the most kosher way.

(no, I don't have any vested interest in getting people to use JNet, other than being m'zakeh the rabim)

knowwhatumean Posted - 09 May 2003 19:51
i think if s/o's using frumteens to be mechazek and lots of times have no where to turn... that in itself can be worth it.
GoelMiChoshech Posted - 12 March 2004 2:52
Moderator - your justification is hypocritical to everything else you have posted on this website; Just because you can make money of off something doesn't make it muttar! The fact that you then go and use the money for Tzeddakah is hardly a justification. By that logic, we can all open and support pornogrophy sites so long as we give tzeddakah with the proceeds!
MODERATOR Posted - 12 March 2004 2:58
What are you smoking, Goel? The issue is, the internet isnt assur to begin with that we need to make it muttar. And to begrudge someone his parnasa because of somethign thats risky but not assur, is itself assur.
davidb Posted - 14 April 2011 3:28
But the fact that there are Rabbanim that have banned the internet make it assur? The same way that the moderator would never eat a cheeseburger, even though it does not contain meat cooked in its mother's milk, he should never use the internet, simply because the Rabbanim have said it is assur. Please explain the justification?
taon Posted - 29 April 2011 1:19
Maybe Rav Moderator follows different Gedolim who allow it, or has special dispensation

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