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funkyfrummy Posted - 04 July 2007 19:10
bili ayin hara I have a wonderful relationship with my mother and I love her SOOOO much. My father, on the other hand, I love him...obviously, but I don't really thinks he cares so much about me. I mean he barely ever makes an effort to talk to me. I mean I know that his happiest state is quietness, but he's talkative with everyone else because that is what people do...they talk. I dunno, I try to talk to my father but he usually is spacing out, not really paying attention to what I say, seems to ignore me, or at me one word answers. It's really tough because I love him so much and I told my mom about this whole situation and she just said..."no, ur father's crazy about you!" yeah? well maybe every now and then he could show it.
wannabbetter92 Posted - 25 July 2007 18:53
i am totally sure your dad is crazy over you. he sounds like one of those guys who doesnt kno how 2 show it. he prob doesnt relize he ignores u like that or is not sure wat 2 sat 2 u.

funkyfrummy Posted - 27 July 2007 12:19
a "how was your day?" every now and then wouldn't hurt.
Leah Shaindel Posted - 30 July 2007 1:52
I totally know what you are going thru i feel the same way about my dad and the advice i got was sometimes you just have to accept people the way they are even if it hurts. Like it hurts to love someone so much and not even know if they really like you or enjoy your company and never express that they love you. Do you have any other siblings? if you do, how does he act around them? if he treats all his children the same then its probably that he was raised in a similar manner and tahts the only way he knows how to have a relationship with his children. Thats my dad's case, and im just learning to let it go, love him just as he is cuz he probly wont change. Check out a really good article by Jay Litvin called "the life i have"
ok i know i know frumteens os not so positive towards chabad but this article is just a simple article no Rebbe stuff no tanya stuff just about life in general.
Leah Shaindel Posted - 02 August 2007 19:47
lol i forgot to mention- the article is on
funkyfrummy Posted - 19 August 2007 18:12
you know what. I was over reacting. I;m very upset at myself for writing such a thing. I know my father loves me. How can he not (and I don't mean that in a pompous sort of way) What I mean is that he is such a great man that I would have to be a fool to beleive he didn't love me. I love him, he loves me. It's all good. I think it's just something I have to get over. His quietness. Anyways, thanx for listening.
panimyafos Posted - 23 August 2007 1:12
FunkyFrummy - I'm glad that you realize that now. But sometimes, you're allowed to get upset and worried too; and please don't be angry with yourself for feeling that way. How old are you, by the way? (if you don't mind my asking; if you do - then don't answer! :) And no one knows who you are here (unless they do, 'cause some people on here do share their screen-names), so it's ok that you came on to vent... I hope you're doing well. Have a great night!

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