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Anything about JUDAISM
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Searching for Happiness Posted - 06 June 2007 20:34
Where does the term siyata dishmaya come from?
neshama Posted - 06 June 2007 20:38
Dunno the original source, if thats what ure asking... but I do know that its used in many many of the kabalistic tefilos.

Its also an old miami boys choir song... ;-)

grafix Posted - 07 June 2007 7:28
it means "heavenly assistance"
(shmaya = shamayim)
neshama Posted - 07 June 2007 21:34
I think she was asking where it comes from, no? Like is the expression brought down somewhere in writing...?
grafix Posted - 07 June 2007 22:58
well, it's obviously aramaic, so maybe in gemarah?

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